Easy Ghana | First Solo Student Exhibition
Easy Ghana

First Solo Student Exhibition

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December 12, 2019
Easy Ghana is a collection of photography, video and installation art created between 2019-2020 that documents places of historical significance throughout Ghana, including Accra and regions along the Gold Coast, where the transatlantic slave trade began.

The exhibition tells a story of the past and present; from an observational perspective, in an attempt to understand the nuances of African culture as it exists in Ghana and throughout the world. As 2019 coincides with the 400th year since the first slave ship left the shores of Africa, Easy Ghana pays homage to the celebration that is The Year of Return, shedding a soft light on a dark history.

ARTIST BIO - Lilah Benetti

Melbourne based award winning photographer Lilah Benetti draws on her background in Communication Design to adopt a systematic approach to visual storytelling. 
Her work explores themes of culture, history and identity, using an artistic yet documentarian style lens. Her subjects often hold personal and social significance to her and surroundings, and she collaborates widely with creatives from a range of different disciplines. 

Lilah has become known for her curation and slow approach to constructing narrative, which aims to provoke reflection and contemplation in the viewer.

Lilah has expressed her gratitude to everyone that has helped her make this exhibition happen, especially her friend Kanya Oldaker for helping her set up this exhibition. 

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