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Visual Arts Courses at LCI Melbourne

A Bachelor of Design Arts (Visual Arts) at LCI Melbourne provides a unique opportunity to explore and express your creativity, collaborate with like-minded creatives, and network with industry leaders.

LCI Melbourne offers a studio-based environment for Visual Arts Majors, where you’ll ultimately have your own onsite exhibition and work space. With a public gallery to showcase your work, a choice of sub-majors to complement your artistic aspirations, and real-world industry placements, you’ll be ready for a wide range of future professional opportunities based in the art world. Our visual arts degree equips you for success in your artistic field.

What’s Included in the Visual Arts Major?

The Visual Arts program encourages you to explore and experiment with your creative nature, as well as allowing you to explore the many facets of the public and private art worlds. Through research, art history, traditional practice methods, and contemporary approaches to art in materials and process, we will support you towards realising your creative vision. The visual arts degree cultivates an in-depth knowledge of national and international artists and their practice, creating a framework and context in which to locate your own emerging practice.

Broadening Knowledge through Complementary Studies in Your Visual Arts Degree

Our professional and contextual studies units form a core part of the Bachelor visual arts degree, and prepare you to take your career further by instilling a range of practical business and management skills.

Customise your degree

No more cookie-cutter degrees for you! It is time for you to have control on your future. We will help you customise your degree as you progress, and discover your strengths and opportunities as part of engaging and exploratory workshops and design labs. You are the future and LCI Melbourne is your road-map to success. 

What does customising your degree really mean? It's as simple as:
  • Fuse disciplines together to create your own career path.
  • Receive mentor-ship from academics in a personalised environment, motivating you to discover your strengths.
  • Understand approaches to art in materials and process
  • Foundation skills in life and observational drawing
  • Advanced knowledge of national and international artists and their practice
  • Build industry contacts via professional placement and international exchange opportunities
  • Enhance creative skills via a sub-major from either the Filmmaking & Photography stream or one of the other creative disciplines.
  • Exposure to tools, mediums and visual art language
  • Strategies towards development of art language
  • Exploration of diverse art practice and critical voice
  • Developing a studio practice
  • Self-directed art practice
  • Advanced studio practice
  • The contemporary art environment
  • Exhibition production

Trimester 1

  • Get a taste your future. Discover and explore multidisciplinary design ideas, informed by creative design principles, collaborative models of practice and enjoyable engagement.
  • Investigate and develop design ideas across the areas of spatial environments, the body and identity, visual communication and image making.
Trimester 2-4
  • Evolve your preferences and dive into visual arts course in our unique design labs, complemented by additional design workshops and specialist electives.
  • You can focus on your fashion design major or blend to suit your preferred career trajectory.
  • You will explore critical thinking, expand your problem solving and understand cultural influences to inform masterful design solutions.
Trimester 5-6
  • By year three you will specialise and focus in an extended design lab with personalised independent design proposals.
  • You will have a combination of expert academics and mentors that will guide and inspire you to innovative outcomes to prepare you for the your professional practice and for your future job.

To be considered for a place at LCI Melbourne, our entry requirements are:

  • Evidence of satisfactory completion of VCE or year 12 equivalent or work experience equivalence
  • Submission of a creative Portfolio of 6 to 8 items – See tips and tricks how to prepare a portfolio
  • Completion of a pre-selection kit provided by LCI Melbourne

After submission the portfolio or selection kit is viewed by a panel and if you are shortlisted your application will proceed to interview stage where you will meet with the LCI team to talk through your portfolio and ask questions.

You can apply online, in person, or talk to our admissions team by phone.

The Bachelor of Design Arts can be completed over 2 years full-time (300 credit points). Part-time study is also available. An academic year is divided into three twelve week study periods, called ‘trimesters’. 

The Professional Studies units of the Bachelor of Design Arts ensure students secure industry placements to enhance their skills and experience - giving them an edge when they graduate. Work experience in the design industry can include placements at Arts Festivals, Artist Run Spaces, Commercial Galleries, Teaching support at Primary and Secondary Schools, Artist Assistant, and Project Officer for Community Arts Schemes.




Bachelor of Design Arts (Visual Arts)

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