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Graphic & Digital Design

Bachelor of Design Arts

Graphic & Digital Design


Graphic & Digital Design is studied as a major in the Bachelor of Design Arts. For more information on the degree structure, fees and entry requirements, see our Bachelor of Design Arts.

Advance your visual literacy and translate your creative concepts for delivery through print, typography, branding, packaging and digital design.

You will learn the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to combine words, images and creative concepts to communicate ideas and represent brands visually.

Create and frame compelling messages from conceptualisation to final output while considering contemporary issues such as socially responsible, ethical and sustainable design.

Major Details

Our majors are taught through design ‘laboratories’ that replicate the creative studio process used by professionals in creative areas.  The ‘lab’ is where students and mentors collaborate and you will progress your concepts into tangible final design outcomes.


Students investigate various styles and aspects of typographic design and publication by analysing key components and aspects for outcomes. This includes title design and poster design, through to mastheads and layouts for independent zines and commercial magazines.


Students focus on brand identity and package design with consideration for contemporary issues such as socially responsible, ethical and sustainable design. Students are challenged to identify packaging problems or issues that currently exist in an industry and then develop a solution.


Students focus on how graphic design creates effective visual communication by understanding a client's vision, service and goals, their competitors and the target audience. Students also promote a major international travelling exhibition through multi-disciplinary, problem-solving activities.


Students develop a major project based on real world briefs. They develop an original and exciting concept, strategy and four design deliverables that are presented as a pitch in the final week of the unit.


Students apply their knowledge and skills to explore experimental and innovative concepts. A major project and portfolio, supported by an artist statement will be presented to a panel of mentors and industry representatives.

Teagin Moss Teagin Moss  Claire Martin 

Julia Howe Sarah Istratoie  Sarah Istratoie

 Sarah Smith Jesse Ryan  Kieran de Wet 

Students are also encouraged and given the opportunity to participate in a range of external design events, either exhibiting their work, supporting other designers runway shows or attending VIP events.

Our students have been involved in some of the following graphic & digital design projects and events:

  • Melbourne Design Week
  • Graduate of the Year Awards
  • Freedom X LCI Design Competition

Industry Speakers

LCI Melbourne has an expansive network of industry relationships that benefit students by providing industry projects and case studies, professional guest lectures, internships, and exhibitions. We have a diverse community where all are welcome.

  • Branding & Packaging Design
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Designer
  • Product Designer 
  • Illustrator
  • Typographer
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Interactive Media Designer
  • Web & App Designer
  • Animator 
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Packaging Design
  • Freelance Designer
  • Creative Director

For more information on careers in design, please visit our industry partner, the Design Institute of Australia’s website.

Melanie Huang

Melanie Huang graduated from LCI Melbourne with a Bachelor of Design Arts in Graphic and Digital Design. She is now a successful freelance graphic designer working across multiple areas of digital design and technological innovation. 

Mel won the B&T 30 under 30, has collaborated with Adidas in China, worked on designs for Dark Mofo, developed interactive installations for various industries all while running coding workshops for creatives. Check out our interview with Mel here.