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Bachelor of Design Arts

Our unique Bachelor of Design Arts offers you the option to major in: Fashion & Costume DesignGraphic & Digital Design, Filmmaking & PhotographyInterior Design and Visual Arts. Our degree provides a solid foundation in design and art knowledge and capability, through a combination of practical design laboratories, small class sizes and collaboration between majors.

Staff at LCI Melbourne are mentors that seek to understand the strengths of each individual and build these through nurturing and teaching. Small class sizes mean students get to spend more time one-on-one with their teachers. No large lecture theatres or thousands of students, means we know our students and tailor our curriculum to meet their individual needs.

Our degree is structured so students explore the fundamentals of creative practice in their first trimester before choosing a major and/or sub-major to specialise.

LCIM follows a trimester system, the following outlines the beginning and end of each term for the 2023 academic calendar: 

Trimester 1

Trimester 2

Trimester 3

Starts: February 13
Ends: May 8
Starts: June 5
Ends: August 25
Starts: September 25
Ends: December 15