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Interior Design

Bachelor of Design Arts

Interior Design Major

Interior Design is studied as a major in the Bachelor of Design Arts. For more information on the degree structure, fees and entry requirements, see our Bachelor of Design Arts.

Develop the skills to conceptualise, design and produce dynamic and engaging spaces in various environments.

Design interior environments that reflect an understanding of environmental responsibility, ergonomic design, cultural differences and human-centred needs.

Go beyond aesthetics to consider how interiors connect people to places and how they influence complex relationships across residential, hospitality, corporate and global markets.

Major Details

Our majors are taught through design ‘laboratories’ that replicate the creative studio process used by professionals in creative areas.  The ‘lab’ is where students and mentors collaborate and you will progress your concepts into tangible final design outcomes.


Students are introduced to the foundational principles of interior design. This practice focuses on wellness and wellbeing which requires students to have a hands-on approach to develop their techniques for hand drawing, rendering and drafting to develop and create designs for a personal project.


Students create and build a project that that focuses on responsible social and environmental design. Design skills are developed through creating a project with both digital and hand drawn technique outcomes.


Students learn about developing a global project that integrates different nations and cultures and how a designer might work these factors into an exhibition space. This lab is team driven, emphasising collaboration with classmates to create strong concepts and outcomes. These concepts are then transformed into physical models to communicate ideas. 


Students work on a hospitality and industry led brief where they learn the details of documenting projects and creating a meaningful hospitality space. Students take into consideration different specifications, schedules and understanding compliance areas of design and development.


Students are self-directed to develop a concept for a project which gives them the opportunity to use any combination of analogue and digital skills they’ve learnt in the previous labs. Students must dig deep into building their project and the meaning behind it.

 Ellie Hickland Petrina Turner Petrina Turner

Amy Graham Amy Graham Tarsh Russell

 Abigail Javier Jun Evrim Polly Ellis

Students are also encouraged and given the opportunity to participate in a range of external fashion events, either exhibiting their work, supporting other designers or attending VIP events.

Our students have been involved in some of the following interior design projects and events:

  • Freedom X LCI Design Competition
  • Graduate of the Year Awards
  • Melbourne Design Week
  • IKEA Presentations

Industry Speakers

LCI Melbourne has an expansive network of industry relationships that benefit students by providing industry projects and case studies, professional guest lectures, internships, and exhibitions. We have a diverse community where all are welcome.

  • Interior Designer
  • Rendering Artist
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Interior Stylist 
  • Interior Decorator 
  • Visual Merchandiser 
  • Visual Stylist 
  • Design Consultant 
  • Furniture Designer 
  • Lighting Designer 
  • Production/Set Design 
  • Retail Consultant 
  • 3D Modeller 
  • Environmental Designer

For more information on careers in design, please visit our industry partner, the Design Institute of Australia’s website.

Abigail Javier

Abigail Javier graduated from LCI Melbourne with a Bachelor of Design Arts in Interior Design in 2021 She currently works full-time at Beaumont Tiles and is also an interior designer on the Metricon team.

Abigail was also nominated for the 2022 Graduate of the Year Awards (GOTYA) in the interior design category. Check out more of Abi’s work here.