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Fees & Scholarships


International students, please see our International Student Fees.

The indicative annual tuition fees listed below are based upon a student enrolling in 100% full time study load. The total cost will depend on the number of units enrolled in, per study period, over the course of the year.

2023 FEES
Course Code Duration Full-time Credit Points EFTSL* Domestic
Annual Tuition Fees
Bachelor of Design Arts CRS1201241 2 years (6 trimesters) 300 3.0 $37,235.10
Diploma of Fashion Design  CRS0102086
1 year (3 trimesters) 150 3.0 $25,900.00
Diploma of Graphic Design CRS0102088
1 year (3 trimesters)
150 3.0 $25,900.00

*  Equivalent Full-time Study Loading


Please note that tuition fees may increase in subsequent study periods.

Unit Fees & Census Dates

Each subject at LCI Melbourne is called a 'unit'. 

Domestic Student Fee Conditions

  • Before enrolling, we encourage applicants to read LCI Melbourne's Policy on Tuition Fee Refunds in the Assurances section of this website.
  • Fees are billed per trimester (based on the number of units undertaken in that trimester)
  • Part-time students pay pro-rata fees. Please consult tuition fees for the units currently on offer.
  • Centrelink Payments: for Centrelink purposes, to be classified as a full-time student you are required to enrol in a minimum of a 75% load. Anything less than 75% load per trimester is deemed by Centrelink as part-time.


LCI Melbourne offers several scholarships each year to students who exhibit outstanding creative achievement. All applicants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island descent are entitled to the Indigenous Scholarship. Please identify your status via the direct application process to have this recognised.

The two scholarship types available are:


Covering 15% of your full-time tuition fees annually, with selection focused on portfolio performance.

Covering 50% of your full-time tuition fees annually for students who are of Aboriginal  and Torres Strait Islander descent. 

Please contact the Future Student Team with any questions pertaining to Scholarships and to apply.

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