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Fashion Design

Higher Education Diploma

Fashion Design Diploma

Would you love to know how to take your creative ideas and have them realised into a fashion collection? The LCI Melbourne Fashion Design Higher Education Diploma provides the conceptual foundation and technical skills needed to become an entry level creative professional in the fashion design industry.  

Take your creative ideas and have them realised into a fashion collection. Ensure you are industry ready and employable with a Diploma in Fashion Design.  

Develop the conceptual framework and technical skills needed to thrive as a creative professional in the fashion design industry. Gain an understanding of fabric handling and manipulation, commercial manufacturing, branding and distribution.

Integrate applied design processes in a program centralised around idea generation, producing creative briefs and addressing contextual factors. 

You can:  

  • Study the standalone Fashion Design Diploma in just one year over three trimesters, full time.
  • Use the Diploma as a foundation for a direct pathway into our unique Bachelor of Design Arts degree. After completing the full Diploma, you can get credit for the first three trimesters of the Degree with a major in the aligned discipline.
  • Use the Diploma as an entry pathway to work in the field that you love. We provide extensive career support to help find a position that is right for you.


  • Understanding and application of fashion design principles.
  • Enhance creative skills and gain practical experience with industry facing briefs and projects.
  • Garment construction through applied design processes, from idea generation to execution.
  • Develop an understanding of manufacturing, logistics, marketing and distribution.
  • Build relationships with industry experts through networking and placement opportunities.

  • Patternmaker
  • Fashion Design Assistant
  • Fashion Retail and Marketing
  • Production Manager
  • Garment Technician
  • Fashion Designer/Label Intern


  • Knowledge of the context, concepts, and design principles of the Fashion Design field  
  • Knowledge and awareness of design practice, and industry standards and expectations for Fashion Design


  • Cognitive skills to analyse and evaluate information, concepts and ideas for Fashion Design projects 
  • Creative and technical skills to develop ideas appropriate for different Fashion Design outcomes and markets 
  • Visual, verbal and creative communication skills to present information in professional formats

Application of knowledge and skills

  • Through the practice of appropriate and effective ideas generation and decision making within commercial and creative environments 
  • Through the identification and evaluation of effective professional Fashion Design practices aligned to appropriate client briefs 
  • With responsibility and accountability for their own professional practice and in collaboration with others within a Fashion Design environment

One year, three trimesters (12 weeks each)

Higher Education Diploma