How to Apply

When can I Apply?

LCI Melbourne takes applications for its course all year round. You can apply at any time, for a February, June or September start! Our trimester-based academic calendar, plus our two year fast-track degree option, means you can start now, and finish sooner than you might expect!

Who can Apply?

Students at LCI Melbourne come from a variety of backgrounds. They include:

  • Students entering directly from secondary school
  • Students switching their degree or institution mid-way through the year
  • Mature-age students, many with existing degrees and diplomas, who are studying to change career direction
  • Interstate students
  • International students taking advantage of the high academic standards and low fees in comparison to European and USA institutions

If you are a domestic student aged under 18 you can enrol at LCI Melbourne with your parent or guardian’s consent. We are unable to enrol international students under the age of 18.

How are applicants selected?

Our course has either a creative entry requirement OR a minimum academic entry requirement. Applicants choose which entry route they would like to be assessed through. You may decide to enter via creative entry even if you possess the minimum academic entry requirements. Many creative students appreciate the opportunity to talk through their portfolio of work with our Admissions Advisors.

  • Learn more about the Creative Entry process here.
  • Learn more about the Academic Entry process here.

How do I Apply?*

Applicants need to apply directly to LCI Melbourne. You are welcome to call our Admissions Advisors to discuss the admissions process and your career aspirations.

  1. Choose your Major.
  2. Choose your entry route: Creative Entry or Academic Entry. If you are not sure, please contact us and we can discuss your options.
  3. Fill in an application form, and note if you would like to be considered via Creative Entry or Academic Entry.
    • If you are a Domestic applicant click here for the domestic application form.
    • If you are an Overseas/International applicant click here for the international application form.
  4. An Admissions Advisor will contact you.
  5. If you are applying via Creative Entry, you will be invited to interview.
  6. Wait for your Letter of Offer or Conditional Letter of Offer.
  7. To secure your place at LCI Melbourne, sign and return your Letter of Offer, along with a non-refundable registration fee of AU$200.
  8. You will receive information about Orientation Day, prior to your commencement of studies at LCI Melbourne.
    1. *for domestic students only. International students should read this section of the website.

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