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International Network

LCI Melbourne is part of LCI Education, a vast network consisting of 23 establishments spanning various countries.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Monterrey, Mexico

Bogotá, Colombia

Barranquilla, Colombia

San José, Costa Rica


Jakarta, Indonesia

Surabaya, Indonesia


Casablanca, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco

Tanger, Morocco

Fès, Morocco

Tunis, Tunisia


Barcelona, Spain

Istanbul, Turkey



International Affiliations

LCI Melbourne has affiliations with several European institutions that allow students to study overseas for a trimester or semester and receive credit towards their degree. Formal exchange agreements are in place with:

* Students applying to Paris College of Art or ISD Naples will be required to pay additional fees charged by those institutions.


LCI Melbourne is part of Cumulus. Cumulus is the only global association to serve art and design education and research. It is a forum for partnership and transfer of knowledge and best practices. Cumulus consists currently of 257 members from 54 countries. Through competitions, summer schools and exhibitions, Cumulus enhances promotion of the talent of the youth and increases the visibility of their works. With the potential careers of today students in mind, the first Cumulus Think Tank ‘Designers: Career and Professionalization’ was published in 2010 to provide insights into the role of design and innovation in the companies.