On The Couch With Dean Webster | Episode 3 | Karen Webster and Melanie Huang
On The Couch With Dean Webster

Episode 3: Karen Webster and Melanie Huang

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August 04, 2020

The next interview for our ‘On the Couch with Dean Webster’ series, captures “collaboration as the new black”. LCI Melbourne Dean and Principal, Karen Webster, discusses the mantra of digital design; with creative and conscientious alumni, Melanie Huang.

Despite not currently celebrating Dark Mofo in Tasmania, Mel is still designing for change and celebrating her B&T 30 Under 30 win! Karen and Mel spoke about the virtual award ceremony, her interdisciplinary design role and aligning with companies that give purpose.

“It has given me a chance to talk more openly about what I do”

Mel is the lead designer for a research and development group within the global agency, AKQA. She works at the height of collaboration, across a range of industries, with various clients; looking at emerging technologies that can help communities and audiences in need.

Watch the full interview below to hear everything Mel has to say about multidisciplinary collaboration and working across the design and technology space!

Growing up in an IT focused household, Mel has always been interested in technology; playing with old computers growing up and introducing herself to the internet and web design. Mel emphasises the importance of exploring all the pieces and getting inspiration from that; thriving off collaboration between everyone involved.

“For me that is the creative outlet of technology”

Mel is changing people’s lives through design! She is currently working on a performance project called SYSTEM ERROR, with independent performance and dance company Chamber Made. A combination of conductive tape, dance and technology creates a dynamic piece using sound, light and visuals. 

“Pursue something you’re really passionate about, something that lights you on fire”

Mel is spearheading fresh and new areas, challenging herself and exploring different disciplines. She has designed interactive installations for various industries, collaborated with Adidas in China, worked on the website for Dark Mofo and she even runs her own technical education workshops for creatives. B&T was definitely right when they said Melanie Huang is one to watch!

“Bring it all together, collaborate and BUILD IT!”

Join Mel in our creative community and find out more about LCI Melbourne on Saturday, 15 August, 1-3pm! Register here for your own Virtual + In Person Open Day Experience.

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