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PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival Graduate Runway

LCI Melbourne's Biggest Runway Ever!

March 05, 2024

Image: @rea_curated publisher @voxfrock

Last Saturday we hosted our BIGGEST RUNWAY EVER as part of PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festivals Independant

This runway wasn’t just an event; it was a spectacular showcase that provided our students with a platform to showcase their extraordinary collections.

Their pieces were more than just garments; they were a testament to years of hard work, dedication and creative exploration. Behind each design was a different vision, process and journey that was cultivated under the guidance provided by our Fashion & Costume mentors, Todd Anthony and Blair Archibald. Their invaluable expertise played a pivotal role in orchestrating an unforgettable showcase.

Image: @rea_curated publisher @voxfrock

"It’s a privilege to mentor such talented designers and see the collections that they have worked so hard on shine on the runway. Each garment showcased their unique vision, dedication and their commitment to sustainability. Their creativity never ceases to amaze me!"
Fashion & Costume Mentor, Todd Anthony

The event brought together our community in a celebration of emerging talent. We witnessed the culmination of our graduates' academic endeavors, marking the beginning of exciting new chapters in their careers.

Their achievements were not just personal victories but also reflections of the supportive environment and mentorship they received throughout their journey.

@rea_curated publisher @voxfrock

We look forward to the ongoing journey of nurturing and celebrating the exceptional talent of our students as they venture into their professional pursuits. This event stands as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and collaboration, inspiring us all to reach new heights and push the boundaries of innovation together.

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