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Head of Entrepreneurship (Creative Industries)

Introducing Dr. Selvi Kannan

March 25, 2024

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Selvi Kannan has joined LCI Melbourne as the Head of Entrepreneurship (Creative Industries). With a rich academic background and over 20 years of teaching and industry expertise, Dr. Kannan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to empower the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dr. Kannan's slogan, "Empowering Creative Minds, Fuelling Entrepreneurial Dreams," encapsulates her mission to inspire and support individuals in harnessing their creativity to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

About Dr. Selvi Kannan

Dr. Kannan's academic journey is nothing short of impressive. Armed with a Ph.D. in Knowledge Management Systems, she embodies forward-thinking education. Her teaching philosophy is a perfect blend of deep theoretical insights and practical applications, ensuring that students are not just equipped with knowledge but are also prepared for real-world challenges.

Throughout her career, Dr. Kannan has been a catalyst for change in the educational landscape. Her research, focused on organisational change and ICT integration, has not only contributed to academic excellence but has also made a tangible impact on society. Dr. Kannan's commitment to forging visionary leadership has empowered thousands of students to become leaders in the global business arena.

Dr. Kannan's leadership impact speaks volumes about her dedication to innovation and education. With over a decade of experience in curriculum design, global education partnerships, and innovation leadership, she has been instrumental in revitalising programs across international university campuses.

Her accolades, including multiple awards and securing over $700K in grant funding for various initiatives, underscore her unwavering commitment to excellence. Dr. Kannan's expertise in optimising work processes and reducing downtime has been transformative for organisations, resulting in tangible improvements and increased efficiency.

Beyond academia, Dr. Kannan is a trailblazer in entrepreneurship and innovation. Her consultancy services have propelled medium and large-scale organisations to new heights across continents. From advising C-suite leaders on growth strategy to pioneering AI-driven digital roadmaps, Dr. Kannan's impact is truly global.

Dr. Kannan's appointment as the Head of Entrepreneurship for our new course is a testament to her unparalleled expertise and leadership. With a proven track record of academic excellence, innovation, and transformative leadership, she is poised to inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. We are excited to welcome Dr. Kannan to our team and look forward to her invaluable contributions.