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Exceeding National Averages for Four Consecutive Years

Empowering Students for Success

July 12, 2023

At LCI Melbourne, we are committed to providing a personalised student experience. This year is our fourth consecutive year that we have exceeded national averages across all aspects of the annual Student Experience Survey (SES) conducted by Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT). We believe in providing an exceptional educational journey for aspiring creative professionals.

The SES measures key aspects that directly contribute to learning and development outcomes. We have consistently outperformed across all six dimensions for the past 4 consecutive years:

  • Skills Development

  • Learner Engagement

  • Teaching Quality

  • Student Support

  • Learning Resources

  • Overall Experience.


The latest results from 2022 reveal Teaching Quality and Student Support consistently in the 89% space, further solidifying our position as an institution that excels in delivering an outstanding educational experience.

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"We take immense pride in our commitment to ignite creativity and innovation through personalised higher education. These outstanding results from the national survey are a testament to our mission of empowering students for success in the ever-evolving creative industries." Says Adriano Di Prato, Academic Operations Manager

Our unique student success framework places focus on amplifying student voice, agency, and advocacy, ensuring that every student's journey is personalised and supported. By prioritising belonging, identity, diversity, equity, safety and wellbeing, we foster an inclusive and supportive community where students can challenge themselves to reach their full potential.

Students are empowered through real-world learning experiences that not only guide them towards their own success but also position them as future leaders in a dynamic and competitive industry.

If you are seeking an institution that values individuality, nurtures your talent and provides a holistic distinctive experience, we are the right fit for you. We stand as a shining example of educational excellence, consistently surpassing expectations and setting new standards for student satisfaction.

"Our results speak volumes about the transformative experience we offer at LCI Melbourne, with Teaching Quality and Student Support consistently in the 89% place. We invite all aspiring creative professionals to join us in discovering new possibilities and crafting their own success stories."

Adriano Di Prato | Academic Operations Manager


Be empowered to share your voice, amplify your talent and set yourself up for a future in the creative industry.

Enrol today to be part of a community that values your aspirations and begin your transformational journey today.


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