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Why LCI Melbourne Thrives in Collingwood

Learn more about Collingwood and why it's a design hotspot

March 08, 2023

By Haylee Cohen

LCI Melbourne is located in the inner-city suburb of Collingwood. This suburb is globally regarded as a ‘design hot spot’, known for its creative energy and vibrant art and culture scene. Collingwood is located just north of the Melbourne CBD and has become a popular destination for students and young professionals.

Full of art galleries, fashion houses, vintage shops and many interior design businesses, our students are surrounded by emerging artists and designers. This provides them with the opportunity to showcase their work to the local creative community as well as be constantly inspired by the world around them. 

Whilst students are located within the lively city, they are also closely situated to different beaches, forests and many other popular tourist destinations.

Collingwood is an extraordinary place full of street art, many different ethnic pockets and a culturally authentic range of fantastic food, satisfying every taste! Students can use the various public transport options to travel around Melbourne and explore the amazing city.