Bite Size Art & Design Workshops
February 07, 2021 – 10 a.m. 04 p.m.

Bite Size Art & Design Workshops

Are you craving creativity?

It’s time to get a taste of art and design at LCI Melbourne! Join us on Sunday 7 February between 10am-4pm for an ALL YOU CAN MAKE WORKSHOP DAY.

February 07, 2021 – 10 a.m. 04 p.m.

LCI Melbourne
150 Oxford Street, Collingwood, 3066
Victoria, Australia


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Are you craving creativity?

It’s time to take a bite out of art and design at LCI Melbourne! Join us on Sunday 7 February between 10am-4pm for an ALL YOU CAN MAKE WORKSHOP DAY.

Immerse yourself in three dynamic workshops, explore our creative disciplines and experiment with progressive art and design practices!

Register your attendance for our Bite Size Art and Design Workshops using the form above. Each workshop will run three times in rotation across the day, details will be sent shortly with instructions to plan your program!

Learn more about each of the workshops and the innovative creatives hosting them below!

Couture du Jour Workshop

The designer behind bespoke Melbourne based couture label, Aldo Terlato Couture is presenting a collaborative workshop for the future leaders of the Australian fashion industry.

Aldo Terlato has ambitiously adapted and managed over 30 years in a global and ever-changing industry. Aldo will draw on years of experience to share his knowledge and provide advice on what it takes to start and live in the realm of couture in today’s fashion industry.

Influenced by traditional and contemporary design techniques, Aldo will help you design your own statement couture piece to compliment any couture collection.

All workshop materials will be provided. Join the designer at LCI Melbourne in Collingwood for a glamorous workshop!

Intricate Illustrations Workshop

Artist, curator, producer and writer, Amber Smith, will take you through how to draw your very own Natural History illustration in this practical workshop.

Working across birds, beetles and butterflies, you will be guided through how to lay down the foundations of a good image, build form and create texture using coloured pencil.

From preparing the correct paper, selecting the appropriate drawing materials and choosing a viable reference image, participants will learn tricks and tips from a lifelong, obsessive and thorough illustrator.

All workshop materials will be provided. As this is a labour-intensive and patient process, you will finish the workshop with a solid base to continue working on in your own time!

Inspired Interiors Workshop

As a keen maker and exceptional designer trained in architectural drafting and interior design, Petrina Turner’s process is truly hands on. In this workshop, Petrina will guide you through creative thinking techniques and mood boarding, to create your own concept board.

The most important part of creating a successful interior is in the initial concept stage to create the right mood. Because interiors should be all about the feels! As the curious, compassionate and multi-passionate creative behind Petrina Turner Design, Petrina will show you how to translate your concept into the perfect interiors scheme.

Before you come along to the workshop, have a think about what space you want to design and why, we’ll help you make a plan to turn that dream into a reality!

All workshop materials will be provided. If you come along to Petrina’s workshop, she may even dazzle you with her not-so-secret tap-dancing skills!

Connect with artists and designers active in industry and become part of our creative community!

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