Sketch Runway and Exhibition

VAMFF Offsite Runway 2017

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March 06, 2017
 Mark Blake    Emily Wilson  
 Celest Chidichimo    Paisley Wight  

Sketch runway and exhibition was a fantastic night! The theme of “Sketch” explored the design process from beginning to end, tracing the evolution of concept through to execution. The artists and designers involved were all current students and alumni of the Academy, with major studies ranging from Fashion & Costume Design, through to Visual Arts to Filmmaking & Photography: it was a collaborative effort, in the best possible way!

Final-year student Mark Blake, provided some spectacular examples of the theme, starting with a flowing ball gown of paper, progressing to a more structured calico version, finishing with the final breath-taking garment. Mel Bardwell’s work also explored the journey from sketch to toile to final, also incorporating an evolution in pattern and colour in the progression. Jenna O’Connor’s first garment was literally a model wearing a sketch, which was unfurled to reveal the next iteration of the design, which was again shed to reveal the final design.

Graduate Emily Wilson’s work explored the idea of the natural versus the mechanical world, and comprised two toiles and a finished garment, that told the story of transformation.  Line and shape were also explored by alumna Samantha Tibbles, in her work inspired by elements of the sea and expressed through texture and manipulation of fabric.Visual Arts students, Stephanie Babinczky and Vlona Mehmedi explored UV elements in the eye-catching backdrops to the stage, which created an almost stain glass window effect that set off the garments being displayed beautifully. The bold strokes of the work represented the state of the creative mind, which were even more amplified against the highly polished floor of the James Makin Gallery. Fashion Designer, Josephine Esposito’s piece also employed the use of UV paint in a collaboration with Vlona Mehmedi. Josie’s designs followed the beginnings of line, shape and structure depicting the evolution of the grid pattern over time.

There were some great “live” events as part of the show, including Paisley Wight crocheting work directly onto a model and Visual Arts student Chelsea MacDonald, who was sketching faces directly onto the entrance of the Gallery, some of which were inspired by the attendees on the night. Chelsea was also sketching representations of the fashion design work live, in a collaboration with Filmmaking & Photography student, Miko Holt. Miko’s role also involved him assisting with the photography and video creation on the night.

Another impressive collaboration involved Filmmaking and Photography student Cristian Menjivar who worked with Fashion & Costume Design student Celest Chidichimo, whose work on paper utilised a collage of Menjivar’s images. Menjivar’s film work explored the theme of night, dream and reality Visual Artist, Luke Brady’s work was also inspired by the fashion design work on the runway. His piece comprised of a wooden canvas, with outlines in nails of the designs, traced with threads that became the line drawing, with the threads then trailing from the work towards the main gallery that housed the runway.

Chloe Ritchie’s design was inspired by her background in dance, the result was an overstated ballerina costume, complete with leg makeup which emulated the ribbons associated with ballet slippers up the model’s leg. The makeup for the show was outstanding, provided by wonderful students the Academy of Makeup . The model’s hair was managed with amazing results by

Of course these shows don’t happen on their own, the Academy was lucky enough to have the involvement of talented Creative Director Virginia Dowzer pulling the elements together, ably supported by Academy tutors Fashion Designer, Samita Bhattacharjee, and Visual Artist, Michael Peck. It was a great effort from all involved!

Images by LAC Media

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