Bachelor of Design Arts (Communication Design Major)

Communication design students present their big idea!

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June 23, 2017

Final year Communication Design students recently had the experience of presenting their Pitch to a real client!  Tutor Donna O’Neill presented a real client brief to the students that they had to respond to and create a Marketing and Communications plan and of course pitch it!
The client, One Girl, a Melbourne-based charity empowering girls through education asked the students to respond to their ‘Birthday Pledge’ brief.  The brief was to introduce a fundraising campaign that would run throughout the year, rather than a focused burst as their previous campaigns.  It would need to have a life of its own and grow organically by participants sharing it with their family and friends.  

Each student crafted a marketing and communications plan and executed their big idea. They individually pitched to the clients Katy Le Gall & Kim Low of OneGirl in a real life agency situation with art boards, animated presentation and a well-rehearsed 15-minute pitch. The clients were very impressed with the level and standard of the student insights. 

Katy Le Gall said “Thanks so much for inviting One Girl to be a part of your Communication Design students' pitch presentation. We thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and are really grateful for the huge amount of work and passion that each student put into addressing our brief”.

Student Dana Krasky who received 100% on her pitch said “It was scary and challenging to do this for the first time with a real life client but so worth it!  My idea was based on corporate philanthropy, joining forces with a company like Libra to increase donations and supporter database”.

When asked how this experienced helped with her studies, Dana said “I feel like I’ve found my feet now and know exactly what I want to pursue when I finish my degree.  It was good to have an insight into the real experience of presenting to a real client and receive constructive feedback”.

Each student received verbal feedback and written responses on their campaigns from the point of the client. This was an invaluable experience for Academy students to gain professional insights from a real client.
Congratulations to all students with such an extraordinary pitch!

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