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Q&A with Visual Arts Alumna Emma Michaelis

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April 24, 2017

Emma Michaelis graduated in 2014 with a major in Visual Arts and DUX of her class.  With a few years of experience under her belt, we caught up with Emma to see what has happened since finishing at the Academy.

ADA: What have you been up to most recently?
EM: The exhibition I had most recently was at Flinders Lane Gallery. I was given the Solo show after being the recipient of the Flinders Lane Gallery emerging artists exhibition (Explorations 16) prize in 2016 where I exhibited alongside nine peers and was the winner of a Solo show.

ADA: That’s exciting! What are some of the challenges and some of the best moments about your work?
EM: The most challenging part of being an exhibiting artist has been to maintain focus and momentum. I usually set myself deadlines and goals (such as booking in Shows in advance and always accepting offered work). I have done a lot of exhibiting in the past five years and it can be extremely draining to be that 'on display' so after the de-install of Quietude (my FLG solo), I have packed down my studio and am taking a small break from my usual busy schedule of exhibiting to refocus on what it is that is important in my career and to focus on my job as a full time curator at Tinning Street Presents. So I’m really excited about focusing on curating at the moment and what that will bring to my career.

ADA: What’s something you take from your learnings at the Academy?
EM: My experience of the Academy was very important in my further career. I had an abundance of support during my time studying and have found that some of the connections which I made during that time with both my peers and lecturers has been invaluable and continued beyond the three years. 

ADA: What’s your advice for future students?
EM: My advice would be to be dedicated to your studies. I have found that my hard work as a student has continued to pay off both academically but also in terms of my ongoing career and the opportunities that have been granted to me have a direct correlation to the hard work I put in over those years. Be mindful that you are accumulating a huge expense so don't waste your time slacking and snoozing, learn from the incredible staff and take every opportunity that's thrown your way even if you feel like you can't do it. You will be surprised at what you can achieve. I personally studied full time, worked three jobs and volunteered as well as exhibiting regularly!

ADA: What does the future hold?
EM: The future holds more study, working as a curator and a wedding in December!

To see what Emma is up to check her out here:

Instagram: @emma.michaelis
Facebook: @ecmichaelis

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