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This unit provides an introduction to basic concepts important to critical thought and its visual application. You will analyse storytelling and narrative aligned to themes and concepts. You will explore the role images, feelings and the concept of persuasive storytelling in design. Creating content for visual communication and the power of strong themes, and narrative (visual and written). 

*Photo credit: Corban Daniels, Photography at LaSalle College Vancouver

You will be encouraged to develop your own creative voice beyond your own field of interest. You will develop a designer toolkit of methodologies including observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving and decision making.

This course will enable you to research, analyse and critique the many diverse issues that are relevant to the creative industries from a designer or artists perspective. Cross cultural analysis will be explored including sensitivities and theories of perception.

Certification: Certificate of Completion
Language: English 
Duration: 12 weeks
Hours: 3 hours per week
Availability : June, September, February
Delivery: Online


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