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LCI Melbourne Academics to Shine at World Women Forum

September 26, 2023

In a world that continues to evolve, where gender equality and women's leadership stand at the forefront of positive change, the global stage is set for influential voices to converge and create a brighter future. The upcoming World Women Forum in Las Vegas, USA, is more than just an event; it's a driving force that connects, inspires, and fosters collaboration among diverse backgrounds, all with the goal of shaping a world where women thrive.

In the dynamic realm of higher education, academic staff play a pivotal role as agents of change, engaging in both the pursuit of knowledge and the application of skills. The impact of scholars sharing their educational insights reaches far beyond their classrooms and campuses. It permeates a community of inquiry and practice, fuelling innovation and deepening collective understanding within the higher education landscape. At LCI Melbourne, this commitment to ongoing scholarship and the pursuit of distinctive excellence is exemplified by two academics: Pari Mehr and Todd Anthony.

Image: Pari Mehr, Senior Academic in Graphic & Digital Design


Pari Mehr: Navigating the value of Design Thinking in Entrepreneurship. 

As a Senior Academic in Graphic & Digital Design and Professional Practice units, Pari Mehr embodies the spirit of innovation in the digital age. With a deep passion for pushing the boundaries of design, Pari has been selected to present at the World Women Forum, showcasing her expertise in a global platform. Pari’s presentation aims to explore the transformative power of Design Thinking in the context of entrepreneurship, showcasing how this methodology can empower entrepreneurs to create innovative businesses that disrupt markets, meet emerging needs, and drive sustainable growth.

"Design Thinking ignites the spark of innovation within entrepreneurs, propelling them to forge businesses that transcend convention and embrace sustainable growth."

Pari Mehr

Image: Todd Anthony, Senior Academic in Fashion & Costume Design

Todd Anthony: Illuminating the Path to Sustainable Fashion

Todd Anthony, a Senior Academic in Fashion & Costume Design, is another academic luminary who will grace the virtual stage at the World Women Forum. His research and dedication have led him to delve into the intricate world of fashion and costume design, with a focus on sustainability and the power of informed consumer choices. In his conference presentation, Todd addresses the global and local fashion industry, highlighting its challenges, opportunities, and pathways to improvement. His exploration of sustainable fashion practices, including concepts like upcycling and circular economy, sheds light on the potential for positive change within the industry. 

With an emphasis on the responsible consumption of fashion and a nuanced understanding of garment production, Todd's work resonates deeply with the evolving priorities of our world. In Todd's words, "The fashion industry has the potential to be a force for good. By understanding the complexities of production and embracing sustainable practices, we can lead the way to a more ethical and environmentally conscious future."

As the World Women Forum approaches, we proudly celebrate the accomplishments of our academic community. Pari Mehr and Todd Anthony exemplify the spirit of continuous learning and exploration that drives positive change both within academia and in the larger world. Their selection to present at this prestigious international event serves as a testament to the value of ongoing scholarship and its potential to transform industries, empower individuals, and create a more inclusive future for all.

The World Women Forum will be held in November 1-2, Las Vegas, USA.