LCI Melbourne Design Graduates From An UNPRECEDENTED Time
LCI Melbourne Virtual Graduate Showcase

Design Graduates From An UNPRECEDENTED Time

September 08, 2020

2020: I think you’re on mute! ... Am I sharing my screen?... I hope you’re safe and well during these troublesome times.

Whilst situated amongst the comfort of their domestic domain, 12 graduating students from LCI Melbourne have organised a showcase managed entirely through digital platforms. The collection of visual artists, photographers, graphic and interior designers; interrogate the current unknown, uncomfortable, UNPRECEDENTED time.

Click here to access the live event on Friday, 5.30pm!

This exhibition sets itself apart from the rest, with each student experimenting, questioning and developing their ongoing creative practices under the strain of our ‘new normal’.

The artists and designers behind UNPRECEDENTED will be hosting a live event on Friday 25 September at 5.30pm. As a collective, the students will discuss the opportunities and limitations, faced throughout the process of making and creating within isolation. Following the discussion, the artists and designers will launch their virtual exhibition at 6pm on

Support the creative community during this economic upheaval and support a new type of design graduate from an unprecedented time!

Meet Some of the Designers Behind UNPRECEDENTED

Samantha Taylor

Samantha Taylor is a Singaporean-Australian multidisciplinary artist. Her practice involves installation, sculptural objects, performative gestures and photographic documentation. She has held solo exhibitions at Platform Arts ‘Sex, Love, Cock and Soul’ (2018) and Noir Gallery ‘The Great Wall of Chaos’ (2018). Samantha has also participated in various group shows throughout the Melbourne and Geelong region.

Brooke Anthony

Brooke is a Melbourne based artist with a broad practice focusing mainly on oils, ink illustration, and digital mixed media. Her work mainly revolves around ideas of feminism and existentialism, but often extends far beyond that scope. Currently, she’s working on a body of work exploring and questioning the role of gaze, voyeurism, and exhibitionism in everyday life.

Sarah Zilberman

Sarah Zilberman is a Jewish- Australian, multi- disciplinary artist born and raised in Naarm (Melbourne). Primarily working with paintings, craft and digital illustrations, her contemporary practice explores the relationship between feminism and pop culture through a satirical lens. Sarah uses bright and captivating colours throughout all of her practices to guide the eye through an ultra-saturated version of the world.

Chloe Foster-St Mart

Chloe Foster-St Mart is a Cook Island-Australian graphic designer. With an appreciation for intricate precision, Chloe’s versatile contemporary style often incorporates her cultural heritage. Her practice includes posters, illustrations, app design, branding and graphic identities. Chloe constantly goes out of her comfort zone when experimenting with new skills and styles in order to expand her knowledge as a designer.

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