Platform Arts Presents Works from Three LCI Melbourne Alumni!
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Platform Arts Presents Works from Three LCI Melbourne Alumni!

May 10, 2021

Emerging artists and LCI Melbourne alumni, Jun Evrim and Aleyna Demet, demonstrate a practice and professionalism beyond their years within their showcases at Platform Arts in Geelong.

Presenting new sculptures, assemblages, installations, photomedia and sound works; their exhibitions ‘Recall’ (Jun Evrim) and ‘KiMLiK’ (Aleyna Demet) are not to be missed!

Alongside Aleyna and Jun, Platform Arts will also be showcasing Madi Whyte’s works from the ongoing series, ‘TOPIA’, a photographic collection using finite landscapes as pictorial tropes to explore languages of the line and the cut. 

LCI Melbourne is pleased to announce that the three graduates will have their works on display at Platform Arts from May 14 onwards. RSVP for the separate showcases here!

Within their works, Aleyna and Jun, delve into investigating how material objects, memory and cultural identity are interconnected, disrupted and recontextualised through differing experiences.

Aleyna Demet | KiMLiK

KiMLiK’ , refers to the qualities, characteristics and identity of a person in the sense of a collective realm, who a person is. The collection of works by multidisciplinary Turkish Australian artist, Aleyna Demet, explore the artist’s mother’s experience of “otherness” and in turn, its effects on herself. The artist explores the auto-ethnographic interrogation of culture and family history, speaking to the translation of a shared experience of otherness through the realm of migration. 

Aleyna Demet is an emerging fibre artist from Melbourne, Australia. Demet’s work positions itself in the intersection between art and craft, exploring unconventional and contemporary applications for traditional techniques and materials. 

Aleyna’s body of work will be exhibited in the gallery until 18 June 2021.

Jun Evrim | Recall

Recall’ is similarly auto-ethnographic, differing through its discourse surrounding a more universal trauma. Jun’s works present a continuing investigation of the personal and subjective contexts of his object-based practice. Both propositional and hopeful in its assemblage, Jun’s work presents a Deleuzian understanding of territories, re-territorialisation and the relationship that delineation has to objects.

Jun Evrim is an artist and designer whose work investigates the contexts and concepts of memory, metaphor and materiality. The resulting sculptures and installations are durational, self-reflexive and considered, a personal ethnography where the revised material compositions are transformed by process of recollection. 

Jun’s body of work will be exhibited in the gallery until 18 June 2021.

Madi Whyte | TOPIA

Relating to the themes of belonging and identity, ‘TOPIA’ is a body of work, focused on atypical viewpoints, geographic coordinates and the examination of Madi’s composite relationship to various landscapes, forms and Topos. Influenced by Madi's rural upbringing on Gunditjmara land, the work explores the multifarious and undulating connection shared with the land and how it behaves as a metaphor, material and teacher. 

Madi Whyte is an artist from rural Victoria, with an interest in exploring the language of line, form, the cut and the architecture of dystopian landscapes, both sparse and high density. Madi’s practice encompasses sculpture, photography & illustration.

Madi’s body of work will be exhibited in the gallery until 13 August 2021.

Amber Smith | Platform Arts

Platform Arts works across multiple creative platforms, mobilising and emboldening the next generation of creatives to take creative risks, develop critical works and be a powerful voice in global contemporary ideas and actions. Through a diverse program of events, exhibitions, mentorship, residencies and workshops; young people are given the opportunity to develop their own practice while becoming part of an inclusive creative community.

Make sure to RSVP here and immerse yourself in three outstanding and thought-provoking exhibitions.

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