"The Happiest Slave" Win's Competition
"The Happiest Slave" Win's Competition

Student from LCI Melbourne winning the Wordsmith award for Top Spin

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May 27, 2019

Congratulations to Victoria Trovarelli from LCI Melbourne for her entry of ‘The Happiest Slave’ winning the Wordsmith 2019 award for Top Spin. There are tricks that alcohol companies use to get you to drink more and it was our brief to call them out! Top Spin is a state-wide competition asking your Victorians to call out the sneaky tactics used by the alcohol industry to influence them to drink. Here’s what the judges had to say (including one of our very own Communication Design Alumni Ashleigh Chapple)  “We were blown away by the quality of this year’s entries and loved seeing all the different alcohol industry tactics represented in images, graphics, written texts and videos.”

Victoria’s strategy

“In Australia, alcohol advertising and marketing is regulated by The Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme (ABAC). The ABAC is a quasi-regulatory system entirely funded by the alcohol industry, and governed by a management committee largely comprised of companies that profit from the sales of alcoholic beverages. The ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code states ‘The Code APPLIES to all Marketing Communications in Australia generated...except as set out in Section 2(b)’ (section 2a). ‘The Code does NOT apply to materials or activities whose sole purpose is to educate about misuse or abuse of alcohol beverages...’ (section 2b). This loop hole affords education organizations the opportunity to appear to be taking plausible steps towards changing alcohol consumption behaviours. However, said organizations are quietly financed by alcohol manufacturers who, through their provision of campaign funding, influence the messaging to promote empty and ineffective interventions to maintain monetary gain.” Victoria Trovarelli.

View the winning entry here.

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