The Future of Art and Design Industries
Insights from LCI Melbourne's Industry Experts

The Future of Art and Design Industries

September 15, 2020

“Our world today could not exist without art and design”
- Karen Webster

Negative media coverage and conversations of recession, unemployment and global unrest sound pretty daunting when you’re trying to decide what to do with your future. Despite the high anxieties, we are undergoing a period of transformation and change, that will see creatives collaborating and upskilling; to solve problems for global industries.

Economists have been quoted in Forbes Magazine, stating that levels of unemployment will be short lived in the post COVID-19 landscape. We will see the emergence of new creative careers, an increase in practical job opportunities and the development of strategic, collective thinking, for domestic and international markets. 

Today, we’re sharing insights from some of LCI Melbourne’s own, on the future of creative industries and how LCI Melbourne is developing a strategic roadmap, for these uncertain times and beyond!

So, what does this mean for our future artists and designers?

LCI Melbourne academic and globally awarded Creative Director, Carlo Pagoda, believes two of the most important skills art and designers will need to possess; are flexibility and adaptability. While creative careers are rarely linear, there are now more opportunities for art and design students to develop skills and adapt to changing societies, particularly during times of transformation.

“I think perhaps we underestimate what skills students have; they are very resilient, very flexible and very adaptable”
- Carlo Pagoda

An LCI Melbourne art or design degree will not only equip you with practical, professional and creative skills; but also skills such as teamwork, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving and demonstrating emotional intelligence and empathy. A combination of strategy, creative practice and entrepreneurial skills; will set you apart when entering your chosen industry.

Similarly, to the pre COVID-19 landscape, employers will continue to look for strong communication, problem solving, analytical, leadership and customer service skills; in employees across global industries. The Australian Government Job Outlook lists graphic and web designers, illustrators, interior designers, multimedia specialists, photographers and programmers; amongst some of the creative careers expected to go through strong future growth in the post COVID-19 landscape. 

“Those skills are still there, more so perhaps!”
- Carlo Pagoda

The world needs artists and designers more than ever!

Being able to assess and solve critical or creative problems is becoming more important than ever. LCI Melbourne Dean and Principal, Karen Webster, recently spoke about the importance of artists and designers for the future of global industries. 

“Artists and designers are problem solvers, critical thinkers, strategic ideas people, future facing, have the capacity to read social and cultural shifts, understand needs of emerging markets and pretty much have their finger on the pulse on what is happening.”
- Karen Webster

Despite the critical role artists and designers play in innovation, economic restoration and technological development; there are still people that view art and design as “superficial, fluffy or leading to dead end opportunities”. We interact with art and design every day and creativity is an important professional skill for all industries.

Are you watching this on a computer, phone or tablet? Are you wearing clothes? Are you sitting on a chair, lazing in bed or flopped in a bean bag? Well, that’s all thanks to artists and designers. Yes, even your pyjamas and ugg boots started out as a designer’s imaginative concept!

Your creative potential in infinite! Careers in art and design span across physical and virtual spaces, adapting to social, environmental and economic changes. An LCI Melbourne creative program teaches you creative, professional and sustainable practice for the current and future landscapes of global industries.

How can LCI Melbourne help?

Carlo Pagoda says that LCI Melbourne has responded at ‘lighting speed’ to the COVID-19 outbreak. Preparing for a new way of teaching and delivering content online, displaying flexibility and adaptability in student submission requirements and creating an engaging and collaborative learning environment. In addition, the LCI Melbourne community has introduced mental health support systems that provide greater support, mentorship and positive reinforcement for students.

“I believe we have shown exceptional flexibility and adaptability as an organisation and we’ve got the must have skills in bucketloads!”
- Carlo Pagoda

To prepare for a post COVID-19 economy, the team at LCI Melbourne is placing emphasis on using your learnings to adapt and find new ways of channelling these skills to benefit and support new areas, industries and developments. Explore alternative opportunities and pathways for you to achieve your goals, build your critical and analytical thinking skills and increase you focus on entrepreneurial skills.

Our academic mentors combine professional insight with practical elements of art and design; to enhance your ability to be more agile and resilient. Use your imagination, explore real-world briefs and outcomes for work, learn how to solve global design problems and develop skills relevant for a changing workforce.

“I think we really need to think what are we doing this for? What is the practical outcome? Is there real benefit in this?”
- Carlo Pagoda

What are you waiting for? Design a career for yourself doing what you love at LCI Melbourne. Forget about subject scores, we want to see what you can create! Applications for our creative courses are submitted through our portfolio and interview process. Apply for our Single Units, Diplomas or Bachelor of Design Arts here.

“Artists and designers make our lives better, more beautiful and more functional; there's nothing superficial about that."
- Karen Webster

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