Sustainable fashion is here to stay; it’s time to jump on board
Sustainable fashion is here to stay; it’s time to jump on board

Sustainability in fashion matters

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March 07, 2019

The industry is starting to act. Studies have shown that the majority of people under 35 want to shop sustainably and 2018, Australia held its first sustainable fashion conference.

Despite a growing interest in sustainable fashion, there is no precise definition of ‘sustainability’ in the context of clothing. There are many touch points for sustainability along the supply chain and throughout the life of a garment. Generally, it refers to making each stage as environmentally friendly and socially responsible as possible – not just thinking about the product itself, but also the people making it. 

At LCI Melbourne we are educating the next generation of fashion luminaries. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We want our graduates to be ethically minded, as informed and responsible producers, and consumers, of fashion. But we don’t claim to have all the answers.

That’s why we collaborate with brilliant organisations like Artisans of Fashion – who are experts in cultural sustainability and authenticity, and know how to use fashion to create social and environmental change. Founded in 2011 by Caroline Pointer, Artisans of Fashion source hand-loomed textiles from artisans across India and distributes them to designers and industry buyers. 

By collaborating with iconic Australian designers such as KITX and Romance Was Born, Artisans of Fashion bridges the gap and forms a connection between the Indian textiles and Australian fashion industries. The bespoke fabrics give designers the possibility to create rich and unique designs, that make the fabric the hero.  

For the past six months, we have been collaborating with Artisans of Fashion to deliver three sustainably focused events for Virgin Australian Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF). VAMFF is the biggest time in Victoria’s fashion calendar, attended by the most influential voices in the fashion industry. It sets the trends for the next year and has the power to create real change.

This month we’ve hosted two events, an industry breakfast, a runway show ‘Chrysalis’. Check out our gallery of images from the events to see them come to life. Our third event is an exhibition showcasing Indian hand-loomed textiles on garments created by Australian designers and LCI Melbourne fashion students.  It will be showcased throughout March, event tickets can be purchase here

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