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Learn from industry experts

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January 28, 2019

We get it. Education is a commitment. But that doesn’t mean it has to be time consuming. That’s why we have created nine short courses designed to help you unleash your creativity this year.

The courses last four weeks and are taught by industry leaders who have extremely impressive resumes, from Vogue to Dion Lee, and solo exhibits in galleries around Australia. 

Not only will you learn the foundation skills to create great work, our instructors will help you come to understand yourself better through your work.

Whether your dream is fashion or illustration, our classes are practical and participatory, so you can leave feeling a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in the work you produce.

If you’re completely new to your chosen short course, don’t fret. Our class sizes are small and are designed to introduce and update knowledge according to the level of student.

Get to know our upcoming short courses guide and meet the experts who will lead your class. 

Courses begin early February 2019. Contact us to find out more or download the enrolment today.

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