Interior D and LCI Melbourne for 5vie D’N’A
Interior D and LCI Melbourne for 5vie D’N’A

Tune in for the Digital Exhibition and Talk Tomorrow!

October 07, 2020
LCI Melbourne’s Mireille Oberholster and Interior-D have come together to bring you the digital exhibition, D like Dimension or like Design and a live talk, for 5vie Milano D’N’A – Design ‘N’ Art for a better world. 

When we think about the lockdown, we remember that there were difficult days, but also interesting ones. Maybe daring slightly. There were days full of inspiration and days that forced us to ask hard questions: Who am I? Where am I? What do I want? Crisis are situations of ideological and social fermentation.

A psychologist in Stockholm (Tito Sartori), an architect in Treviso (Cù Design’s Carla Palù) and a designer in Melbourne (LCI Melbourne’s Mireille Oberholster), will lead the discussion in search of answers.

Immerse yourself in the digital exhibition here and remember to tune in to the live talk, tomorrow between 8-9pm (11am-12pm Milan local time). We will be hosting the talk on our YouTube channel, you can watch the live event housed on 5vie’s website here.

200 emerging designers from Melbourne discuss their world of objects in the home, a questionnaire in Italy determines which room is the centre of the home and interviews from Sweden interpret meanings attributed to new ways of living together. This and many other topics will be the basis of a discussion open to the public during the talk, which focuses on the shift of wellbeing within one’s home.

Amongst the designers involved are two LCI Melbourne graduates, who in the midst of Melbourne’s strict lockdown, started a new project dedicated to the slow experience operating entirely from their home. Founder and Owner Lilah Benetti and Co-founder Kanya Khieo-on have been operating NODE (No Ordinary Design Era) since the beginning of May. 

Explore D like Dimension or like Design now and remember to tune in to the live talk tomorrow night at 8pm here!

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Designer Spotlight: Lilah Benetti and Kanya Khieo-On
The LCI Melbourne Graduates Behind No Ordinary Design Era

After completing their studies at LCI Melbourne in 2019, Lilah Benetti and Kanya Khieo-On started No Ordinary Design Era, operating under the acronym NODE. NODE is a design restoration business, dedicated to the slow experience; sourcing, restoring and rehoming vintage objects from another time and place.

Photo Credit: Lilah Benetti