Project Mars

Life on Mars a not so distant future

January 16, 2019

Mars. Its our closest planet and some might some say our future. The team at NASA certainly think so, with the next few years marking a critical explorative period of the red surface by lunar orbiting and, for the first time, astronauts.  

We have already made movements to finding out if life on Mars is really possible with the NASA Insight Lander touching surface after a seven month journey from Earth. Not to mention the planet’s first experience of a true Earthian tradition; the selfie. 

To celebrate and create anticipation for these landmark events, NASA recently hosted an international film and art competition called ‘Project Mars’. The brief was to create a piece of work that tells a story about human exploration into deep space. 

Entries to the art category were judged by McCann New York Vice President, Joshua Grossberg. Keeping this in mind, it’s no surprise that one of our very own Communication Design students was announced as a finalist late last year. 

Like a true Comm Design student, Natalie’s piece of work, titled ‘Next stop, Mars’, combined visual art, depicting an astronaut travelling through space towards planet Mars, and connecting it with a deeper message. 

“The astronaut is positioned amongst a myriad of icons, representing just a few of the many technological advancements that NASA has developed to help improve the daily lives of humankind," says Natalie. 

It’s an exciting honour that will elevate Natalie’s portfolio as she prepares to start life as a graduate of LCI Melbourne. While she might not be exploring space herself, her work highlights how clever design and messaging can start discussions and provide perspectives we might not yet have considered.  

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