LCI Melbourne Passion Project Competition Winner Announced
Passion Project Competition Winner Announced

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July 13, 2020
Our Passion Project competition, hosted in collaboration with Year 13, has now closed. A winner has been selected from the three incredibly talented finalists!

Recognised for his creativity and excellence shown through the photo series ‘Within Without’, Joel Parkinson has been awarded first place! 

‘Within Without’ experiments with traditional portraiture and the threshold between inner and outer self. The photo series dismantles composure and embraces imperfections, to best emphasise the beauty unearthed in a state of introspection. 

Joel was taught that the small moments that form a life, are the most compelling. This notion aroused his compulsion to turn life into art. He has produced a complex biographical depiction of the self, amid the ordinary reality that the camera captures.

Due to the high volume of amazing submissions, two designers have been highly commended by the judges, for their dynamic and creative work. 

Sabrina Sekerovski’s garments were created with the intention of portraying her true self, as an individual and as a designer. Her pieces display the daring, bold and assertive side of her personality that is often masked. 

Her greatest inspiration is self-expression and she plans to push her creativity even further, learning more skills and hoping to own a brand after developing her professional identity.

Pat Whelen’s video was based off a school trip to Borneo in 2019. He began editing the video at the start of 2020, wanting to encapsulate both the beauty of Borneo and the excitement of the trip. 

After extensive experimentation, Pat found an editing style he believed did the trip justice and worked for him as a creative. Pat enjoys sharing his travels through film and photo, capturing moments and creating shared experiences.

The Passion Project portfolio competition is a unique opportunity, created to support and celebrate exceptional designers from around Australia. The competition provides an opportunity for emerging creatives to showcase their most impressive, artistic and innovative designs.

Thank you to all of you who were inspired to create a submission piece during this time; we welcome you all as members of LCI Melbourne’s global design community. 

Follow LCI Melbourne on social media and stay tuned, so you don’t miss out on upcoming creative opportunities and competitions!

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