Staying home does stop us from learning creatively
Our classes are online but we are still together

Staying home does not stop us from learning creatively

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April 09, 2020

In a time of physical distancing, the LCI Melbourne mentors and students have found new ways to stay as connected and creative as ever!

Working at home in large groups that thrive off practical design processes and collaboration can take some getting used to. 

Below we have shared some of the ways our mentors and students are making virtual classrooms engaging and fun.

Our incredible mentors are using virtual classrooms as an opportunity to connect with students, utilise collaborative online applications and explore dynamic work spaces. 

In Interior Design, our mentor Magda Czapiewska has been making the most of collaborative video classes with the Interior Design students, encouraging engaging group discussions from home. Screen recording and commenting features have also become handy tools for students to share their dynamic creations and receive live feedback.

In Photography, our amazing mentor Julie Wajs has adapted to online learning by setting up a home photography studio that makes the most of her work space and natural lighting. Film and photography students got to play around with still life and lighting demos, using torches and items students could find around the house.

Mentors and students have been working to support, inspire and encourage each other to think outside the box and adapt to alternative learning environments. Most importantly, we have all been checking in on each other sending lots of virtual love, because we are all in this together!

During this time hope you are all staying safe, connected, inspired and CREATIVE!

Intake for June 2020 is still open, join any of these inspirational classes and start designing your future today!

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