On The Couch With Dean Webster | Episode 1 | Karen Webster and Johanna Preston
On The Couch With Dean Webster

Episode 1: Karen Webster and Johanna Preston

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June 30, 2020

To kick off our brand new and inspiring series, ‘On the Couch with Dean Webster’, Karen Webster sat down with shoe design extraordinaire, Johanna Preston. Preston Zly is a bespoke shoe making atelier, founded and run by power couple Johanna Preston and Petr Zly; specialising in sophisticated and eclectic design.

The pair experiment, to transcend styles for the contemporary consumer and extend the boundaries of shoe design. As a sculptor, Petr provides an artistic edge, while Johanna harnesses traditional craftsmanship and innovative design, to challenge the mass shoe market. In the fascinating interview, Johanna talks about receiving a sewing machine for her 8th birthday and how her creativity started to evolve as she developed new skills and explored different mediums.

A gifted pair of American-Indian slippers, beautiful glass beaded shoes and a family campervan trip around Europe in 1976; opened Johanna’s eyes to a global world of shoes.


“These shoes were a very important part of my childhood memories”


Dean Webster and Johanna spoke about all things shoes, breaking into the industry, the complexities of the craft and what is next for Preston Zly. Johanna shares her industry advice, shoe design journey; and what it’s like launching and running a label with partner, Petr Zly. Taking inspiration from various art movements and historical eras, Johanna and Petr push the boundaries of shoe design; combining traditional and innovative design to create finely crafted works of art.

Watch the full interview below

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