A celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus for Melbourne Design Week

April 09, 2019

The exhibition celebrated of 100 years of Bauhaus design, in a 72-hour interactive exhibition that spotlights the renown interdisciplinary approach Bauhaus pioneered, and redefines its values for today. The end result? A lively spaced filled with art and design influenced by the foundational values of the Bauhaus school. 

LCI Melbourne’s NowHaus was a live collaboration between artists Neil Chenery, Michelle Mantsio, Mireille Oberholster and Michael Peck, combining their practices in conceptual art, visual art, interior design and graphic design. Visitors were also invited to participate in the 72-hour studio.

The Bauhaus was revolutionary– a school that bridged the gap between the fine arts and the applied arts for the first time. The founder, architect Walter Gropius, had a clear vision for the school. It was to be a place where beauty and practicality were not separate but integral to the design of a product. Its students explored a range of disciplines from advertising to carpentry, book-binding to typography, expanding their mind and ‘breaking the rules’ of conventional design.

LCI Melbourne’s NowHaus exhibition certainly broke these barriers; with the creation of gravity-defying upside-down structures, nerve racking painting experiments and interesting shapes at every angle, all exploring the boundaries and opportunities that interdisciplinary collaboration brings. 

The exhibition will be on display until the 18 April so be sure to check it out on campus. 

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