The 2019 VIVID Design Award

2019 VIVID Design Award Winner’s work is curently on display in the LCI Melbourne Gallery

July 30, 2019

LCI Melbourne are excited to congratulate Marta Figueiredo for winning the 2019 VIVID Design Awards with her work Queen & Cossack and Candy Stool. Marta, who also recently won the Fringe award for most experimental design, is a Portuguese architect and emerging designer based in Melbourne. She founded Figgoscope Curates design and curatorial practice in 2016 with the intention of pursuing design that unites sophisticated craft with a sense of play and fun. 

With the Queen & Cossack Totems and Candy Stool Marta expanded the whimsical group of objects that form the Totem family. Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer's - "The Triadic Ballet", the pieces explore the materiality of the Burel wool fabric’s vibrant colours and unique 3-dimensional patterns as emotional and evocative tactile forms. These fabric patterns integrate the refinement and skill of the artisans that spend many hours sewing the intricate 3D patterns of the Burel Factory bringing to light old craft. 

With these pieces, the proportions of the totems were strained and exaggerated to create a grotesque effect as if they were giant anthropomorphic toys. Or pieces from "Alice in Wonderland" with the thin stretched ring reminiscent of a ruff collar on the Queen or the very long cylinder that forms the head of the Cossack. The Totems captivate with their personality, forming an emotional connection. They are invitations to interact, seat and play. 

Marta will be providing insight into her unique work at LCI Melbourne’s Local Milan Panel Event on the 1st August. 

Please find here for more information and registration.

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