LCI Melbourne x Year13 Folio Competition Virtual Awards Ceremony
LCI Melbourne x Year13 Folio Competition Virtual Awards Ceremony

It’s Time to Meet the Talented Winners!

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December 10, 2020

That’s a wrap on the LCI Melbourne x Year13 Folio Competition for 2020! The talented winners were announced yesterday evening at our Virtual Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the tremendously creative Matthew Douglass, Stella Pope and Iman Rasheed! We were amazed by all your hard work and ingenuity.

Watch the full event recording below to enjoy a virtual showcase of the creative folio works, hear from LCI Melbourne and Year13 and re-watch the announcement of the winners!

Recognised for his excellence and stylish yet practical exoskeleton design, Matthew Douglass has been awarded first place! Matt finds creative inspiration from industrial streetwear fashion, which is represented throughout his folio development and in his final works. This creation marks Matt’s first experience with 3D-printing and highlights his proficiency as a 2D and 3D digital artist.

Matt is currently taking time after completing his folio to develop his 2D digital art skills, through the creation of fashion and character illustrations. In the future, Matt would love to design and create 3D printed fashion prosthetics, which we don’t see enough of today, as current prosthetics are practically a blank canvas for creativity.

Placing second, 17-year-old Stella Pope from Melbourne, Australia has been inspired to cultivate introspection and consider how individual identity is formed within her folio. With a passion for dance and an interest in the arts, Stella has combined these themes in her work to focus primarily on a thematic approach of movement and the ways it connects to personal identity. 

Fascinated by the human form and it’s expressive and communicative potential through movement, Stella’s works emphasise these themes as a central tenet both conceptually and physically. Stella has experimented and created with new mediums throughout her works, exploring themes of identity and cultural dissonance.

What began as a creative isolation project, has now won Iman Rasheed third place in the folio competition! Iman has developed a colourful and fascinating collection of personalised sneakers, all drawn digitally on Procreate. Growing up in a traditional Pakistani household where shoes were never given much importance, Iman became inspired by the prominent ‘shoe game’ in WA.

Known as the artsy cousin and friend, Iman is constantly making (or breaking) things to express her emotions. Sharing her art and designs, brings Iman joy and allows her to impact people in miniscule and major ways! From Air Jordan’s that Michael Jordan would probably never wear to the classic Air Force 1’s, Iman’s imagination runs wild, creating these custom alterations to shoes she loves but can’t afford

Due to the high volume of amazing submissions, one artist has received a surprise highly commended award by the judges for their dynamic and creative work.

Inspired by the people who surround her and the beliefs they carry, Lisa Greyling artistically strives to document human behaviour. Lisa is continuously captivated by distinct cultures, norms and relationships formed through daily interactions and the dissemination caused because of it.

Her immigration to Australia in 2018 offered her many new opportunities and privileges, causing her to consequently become more aware of the continuous struggle of persecuted individuals. Contemporary activist artists who comment on affairs such as the climate crisis, immigration, gender fluidity and race injustice have become sources of great inspiration to the aspiring artist. 

Thank you to everyone who crafted, created and shared their incredible folios with us! 

The portfolio competition is a unique opportunity, created to support and celebrate exceptional designers from around Australia. The competition offers emerging creatives an opportunity to showcase their most impressive, artistic and innovative designs. 

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