LCI Melbourne Hosts Eat Up at Our Collingwood Campus
LCI Melbourne Hosts Eat Up at Our Collingwood Campus

LCI Melbourne, Eat Up and Deliveroo Come Together for A Lunch Making Extravaganza!

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February 03, 2021
The LCI Melbourne team is thrilled to once again team up with charity, Eat Up, as they announce their new partnership with Deliveroo. This marks the third time LCI Melbourne has hosted the event and we are proud to have helped make over 11,000 sandwiches, contributing towards Eat Up’s 850,000 total lunches provided to hungry school children since 2013.

With an army of dedicated volunteers providing generosity, assistance and lunch-making skills, Eat Up makes and delivers thousands of lunches a month to schools around Australia. Attending the event were Deliveroo’s CEO Ed McManus, 2020 MasterChef Junior winner, Georgia Eris and founder of Eat Up Australia, Lydon Galea.

In conversation with our Creative Director, Michael Peck, Lyndon explains the significance of the event and why it was so special to hold it at our Collingwood campus.

“Today is special for a couple of major reasons! Firstly, it’s our first sandwich making event in Melbourne since the beginning of lockdown in March last year” he says, “we’ve seen the events return in Sydney, Brisbane and even regional Victoria, but for us to get back to hands-on in Melbourne is very special.”

For Eat Up, this is also their first event hosted in collaboration with Deliveroo. 

“The other major reason is this is our first event with Deliveroo, who are our new major sponsor and are helping us grow nationally!” Lyndon says the support of Deliveroo CEO, Ed McManus, will help them reach their goals for the organisation.

“It is really special to see a big business get behind what is really a very grass roots, aspirational charity. They will help us reach those our goals as does anyone who helps us.”

Eat Up is beginning to support schools in Western Australia and the Northern Territory from next week. This will mark a milestone for the organisation since starting out in country Victoria and building to support schools throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. 

“Since we became aware of the national statistic that 1 in 8 kids in Australia arrive to school hungry, it became our goal to support this across the country” Lyndon says, “we are not all the way there yet, but we have made two major steps this year”.

The team behind Eat Up hope that in a post pandemic setting, they can get back to the consistency of community volunteer groups getting hands-on and getting together.

“In the past we have had events at LCI with over 100 people together making sandwiches and we can’t wait to do that again!”

LCI Melbourne’s creative community can’t wait to help grow these events in the future! Campus Manager, Lee Bolan, first began the partnership with Eat Up in 2018 and feels strongly that “supporting the community is core to LCI Melbourne’s values.” 

We believe that every child deserves an exceptional education, it is well known that kids who miss out on meals can be significantly disadvantaged when it comes to pursuing their dreams. Dreams, that we believe, are afforded to them through education.

Lee went on to say that “as a quality provider of education, the impetus is on us to lend our hand where we can, so that no child will be left behind, o child will be excluded and no child will be without a way forward.”

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