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Your last chance to apply for Design Arts at LCI Melbourne

January 28, 2019

We could guess, but we don’t want to make assumptions. Rather we will remind you that it’s not too late to change your mind. Applications for our Bachelor of Design Arts are open until the end of February. We also have creative, academic and indigenous scholarships available to support you through your study. If you are still on the fence, here’s four reasons why you should seriously consider joining us. 

Learn from designers at the top of their game
Our courses are taught by industry professionals; artists, costume designers, art directors, you name it. Not only are they super talented and inspiring, they know what it takes to be successful in the current design landscape. 

Our teachers focus on getting you employment ready with practical advice about the industry you want to work in. The diversity of our disciplines means you are prepped with the adaptability to work as a freelancer, or for privately or publicly owned companies. 

Your teachers are your mentors 
At LCI Melbourne, you won’t find yourself sitting in a lecture hall with 400 other students, wondering if the teacher even knows your name. Our small class sizes mean your teachers get to know you, and your work. They will push you to refine your craft and test your creative limits. 

Throughout your degree, you will work collaboratively with your teachers to further develop you as an artist, and as a person. 

Be surrounded by beautiful design
Our campus is a light-filled, newly renovated warehouse in the heart of Collingwood. With sky high ceilings, open plan spaces and student art splattered around campus, there will be no shortage of inspiration for you to draw on throughout your course.

On a practical level, the LCI Melbourne campus features an on-site gallery, Mac computer labs, a reference library, an editing suite, personal studio spaces for Visual Arts students, dedicated sewing rooms, and a communal student lounge area.
The world at your fingertips
If you are torn between study and travel, why not have both? 

LCI Melbourne is part of a global design school network with over 23 campuses throughout the world. From Melbourne to Barcelona, you’ll have your pick of beautiful countries to travel during your degree. 

If we’ve convinced you that there’s nowhere better to study than design arts at LCI Melbourne, why wait? Apply now before it’s too late

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