LCI Melbourne student part of new global brand
Internship helps build international portfolio

LCI Melbourne student part of new global brand

New LAB look
July 10, 2018

The LCI Education network's three language schools now have a unified brand identity, thanks in part to the talents of LCI Melbourne alumni Daniel Halliday.

Canadian Second Language Institute in Vancouver, and Montreal International Language Center, recently joined our Melbourne language school to rebrand to Languages Across Borders (LAB).

LAB has a dynamic and contemporary new look with a colour scheme inspired by the red and blue of LCI Education’s parent brands. It was designed by LCI Melbourne Communication Design major Daniel Halliday prior to graduation, under the tutelage of David Constantine, Creative Director at Australian agency Ellis Jones. 

The design is a visual representation of the company name, with the blue and red fragmented shapes representing the breakdown of borders. 

Daniel also created a suite of new materials including a course guide, banners, social media graphics and a style guide. He now has tangible, published work that represents an international brand, which he can include in his portfolio and take to industry.

“Having the opportunity to work in industry through LCI Education helped me to develop and hone in on more specific skills,” said Daniel. “I was surprised to find how similar the real world creative process was to the methods we were trained in at LCI Melbourne.” 

The new brand identity was rolled out in Australia at the end of 2017 by the Melbourne marketing team. This week, LCI Education's Montreal-based marketing team launched the new name and identity for the two Canadian schools.

Language Across Borders is a premium home-away-from-home language school. LAB has over 15 years' experience in second language instruction and a highly regarded international reputation for delivering exceptional language lessons in a positive and supportive environment. 

A new LAB website launched this week, integrating Melbourne, Montreal and Vancouver into one unified and dynamic online destination.

LAB Banner

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