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Jack Crocker | Filmmaking & Photography

“Reaching for The Stars from The Gutter”

July 13, 2021

Filmmaking and Photography student, Jack Crocker, shares an insider’s peak into the wonderful and intricate mind of an artist with “Reaching for The Stars from The Gutter”. Read how Jack’s documentary came to be and watch the full video below.

The following video contains explicit language and adult themes.

By Jack Crocker

I first envisioned this documentary to showcase Nax's paintings and the artistic process behind them, though as I started filming it became clear to me that this film was much more. After my first meeting with Nax, I knew instantly I made the right decision to create this documentary. 

Even the smallest glimpses of Nax's inspiring and compelling story are worth sharing 1000 times over. 

After seeing his works for the first time I was hit with intense curiosity. What stories do these paintings contain? What thought processes are explored? what's happening inside such an artistic and creative mind to inspire such phenomenal works? 

From then on, I set out to film this documentary as a character study, a deep dive into Nax's mind to see how these remarkable pieces are created.

In this documentary I journey through Nax’s life, meeting those closest to him and the people who make his story one to be heard. I take a look into the make-up of Nax's mind and how such an amazing and inspiring story influences his artworks, with an extraordinary amount of talent and meaning. 

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