Interior D and LCI Melbourne for 5vie D’N’A
Interior D and LCI Melbourne for 5vie D’N’A

Re-Live the Best Parts of The Live Talk!

October 13, 2020
“Even though we’re isolated, we’re connected at the same time”

– Mireille Oberholster

Thank you to everyone who immersed themselves in D like Dimension or like Design and  tuned in to the live talk, for 5vie Milano D’N’A – Design ‘N’ Art for a better world.

Psychologist, Tito Sartori, Cù Design’s Carla Palù and LCI Melbourne’s Mireille Oberholster came together virtually last week, to discuss the shift in how we are thinking about the home and interior design. The discussion weaves through both the English and Italian language, exploring changing perspectives of space from all over the world.

“Home has become very, very important for people” 

– Tito Sartori

You can still explore the digital exhibition here and re-live the inter-disciplinary and contemplative talk anytime below!

Mireille spoke about transitioning from on-campus learning, to delivering creative programs and teaching practical subjects in the online space. The trio also discussed how to create a difference and find the balance between home life and work life, when there is confusion between these two dimensions.

“We can still design from the home and be this indoor generation, but still be able to shine and exude positivity and creativity through the outside world”

– Mireille Oberholster

LCI Melbourne graduates, Lila Benetti and Kanya Khieo-on have harnessed this creativity and connection, through design and storytelling for their business NODE (No Ordinary Design Era). Lila and Kanya’s lives have changed while staying home; now rearranging their living room for photoshoots and getting inspiration for their blooming business wherever they go.

“It symbolises this idea of passing time, it’s slower and it’s meant to be slower” 

– Mireille Oberholster

The collision of home and work life has also seen the emergence of online personas. More importance is placed on how you present yourself in the online space; connecting you to your interior, whether that’s through a funny print on the wall, your library or your favourite plants making a cameo.

Tito shared his experience of COVID-19 in Sweden and people’s changing view of home. There has been a collective realisation of what is necessary and what is needed, in most cases this is more time at home or with family. Similarly, Carla expressed that in Italy, people are understanding the importance of the outdoors for well-being and well-living.

“We are thinking about how we can move forward and what we can learn in this period”

– Tito Sartori

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Designer Spotlight: Lilah Benetti and Kanya Khieo-On
The LCI Melbourne Graduates Behind No Ordinary Design Era

After completing their studies at LCI Melbourne in 2019, Lilah Benetti and Kanya Khieo-On started No Ordinary Design Era, operating under the acronym NODE. NODE is a design restoration business, dedicated to the slow experience; sourcing, restoring and rehoming vintage objects from another time and place.

Photo Credit: Lilah Benetti