LCI Melbourne Graduate Showcase 2021
LCI Melbourne Graduate Showcase 2021

Immerse Yourself in The Collective Showcase…TBC!

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February 02, 2021
Last Friday evening, over 30 talented, creative and innovative LCI Melbourne students presented their works in the Graduate Showcase 2021. We loved seeing the campus full of positivity, passion and pride, thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating the incredible achievements of our next generation of artists and designers!

The collection of creatives came together through resilient strides and many technical difficulties, to organise an outstanding event and showcase their thought-provoking works created in isolation. 

The showcase, titled TBC, implies a double meaning. The abbreviation is often used to describe something that is yet to be confirmed, much like the uncertainties we have all faced during the turbulence of 2020. Equally, TBC also means ‘to be continued’, hinting at the undiscovered potential of LCI Melbourne’s innovative artists and designers.

The graduates exhibiting are on the cusp of creative influence in their industries, making a global impact which can be seen in their work, much of it completed from their homes and makeshift home studios in 2020.

LCI Melbourne Dean and Principal, Karen Webster, is exceptionally proud of the students and the work they have produced throughout 2020.

“You are going to be the strongest and best graduating class because of what you’ve been through and if you can create magic like what we are seeing here tonight you are only going on to greatness” she says, “the creative world is in great hands and I thank every single one of you!”

The collective works displayed in the showcase offer a diverse array of work representing the past year of graduates, bringing closure to student life and initiating a transition into industry. 

If you missed out on the launch evening, there is still time to explore the works on display! The entire showcase will be available for viewing until Friday 12 February, please email us here or call us to reserve a time.

If you are interested in viewing a specific work following Friday 12 February, get in touch with us to confirm availabilities.

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