Five reasons to tune into the LCIM Masterclass
Five reasons to tune into the LCIM Masterclass

Ready to learn in the comfort of your pyjamas!?

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April 23, 2020

Need to regain focus? Want to upskill? We have the perfect workshop for you!

The LCI Melbourne Masterclass is coming soon, so we’re giving you 5 reasons to tune in and get inspired!

1. Hear from some incredible designers and industry experts.

The LCIM Masterclass provides an insight into life as a designer, with outrageously creative industry experts sharing their skills and advice. Learn from and collaborate with some of the best in the business!

Virginia Dowzer is an acclaimed Fashion Stylist, Curator and Creative Director that loves to push the boundaries of visual communication. Hear about her creative process and storytelling through visual communication, to create engaging and magnificent pieces.

Katie Marx is a floral artist, specialising in flower workshops and the creation of inspiring arrangements. Katie is an organiser of Flowering Now and co-owner of the Butterland function space in Country Victoria.

Virginia and Katie explore the cross pollination of design industries and show you how to develop interdisciplinary skills; to produce dynamic work and pave your way as a designer.

2. Support the Australian art and design industry.

The introduction of necessary ‘social distancing’ and ‘stay at home’ initiatives, is greatly impacting art and design industries. Designers and casual workers in creative industries have been directly affected by event restrictions, gallery closures and short-term contract opportunities.

Art and design is the heart and soul of Australia and we must come together as a community to support the growth and restoration of these creative individuals and industries. The LCIM Masterclass provides an opportunity for artists and designers to participate in a workshop from home, while supporting our beloved industries.

Let's create a supportive, diverse and connected design community!

3. A Workshop in your Pyjamas!

Participate in an inspiring and fun workshop from the comfort of your home, even in your pyjamas! What could be better than that? Grab yourself a drink, some snacks and a notebook and get ready to learn and be inspired.

4. Cultivate your creative skills

Kick-start your creative journey and cultivate your functional and practical skills with this inspiring Masterclass. Collaborate with industry experts in a guided online workshop, inspiring creativity and collective thinking.

This is the best time to stay busy, work on a creative project or upskill! Learn foundation skills that use diverse design processes to encourage creative thinking and action. Follow along with the workshop to create with the professionals or work on your own passion project while you watch.

5. Stay Connected

While staying at home, the most important thing is to stay connected! Connect with the LCIM community, connect with your family and friends, relax and make sure you do something creative and fun!

We are all in this together!

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