Double Degree Program | LCI Melbourne
Double Degree Program | LCI Melbourne

Curate Your Career at LCI Melbourne!

May 21, 2021

Expand your knowledge, explore creative study pathways and broaden your career opportunities with LCI Melbourne’s unique double degree program!

Why Double Up?

Pursuing further study at LCI Melbourne will support you while you to dig deeper into art and design practice. Apply practical and creative knowledge from multiple disciplines, to equip yourself with the skills to reach your professional and creative goals.

Whether you are a new student commencing with LCI Melbourne or just can’t get enough of our progressive practice and creative community, this program is for you! Choosing the double degree stream only adds 12-months to the length of your program, giving you the opportunity to explore a new creative discipline. 

Who Can Enrol?

Commencing Students

All new students commencing the Bachelor of Design Arts (BDA) at LCI Melbourne are eligible for the double degree program. Additionally, if you choose to segue from and LCI Melbourne HE Design Diploma to the BDA, you will also have the option to pursue the double degree program.

University Transfers

LCI Melbourne’s double degree program also offers graduates from other higher education institutions, the opportunity to build on current and past qualifications. Recognition of prior learning from a relevant course is necessary for enrolment into the double degree program.

LCI Melbourne Graduates and Alumni

All LCI Melbourne graduates and alumni are eligible for the double degree program. You will be awarded a second degree qualification by successfully completing an additional 90 credit points from the Bachelor of Design Arts in a second major field. We are also offering scholarship opportunities to all LCI Melbourne graduates and alumni, who pursue further study through the double degree program.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Don’t hesitate! Contact our friendly Future Student Team here to book in a virtual or in person campus tour, set up your creative interview and take your next step forward!

Cultivate your passion, harness your future and strengthen industry networks with LCI Melbourne’s double degree program! Gain a competitive advantage when establishing your creative and professional identity.

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