LCI Melbourne Higher Education Diplomas
LCI Melbourne Higher Education Diplomas

It’s Time to Reimagine Art & Design Education!

May 04, 2021

It’s Time to Reimagine….

LCI Melbourne offers innovative ways to study what you love, find your creative freedom and build a career where you can express your ideas.

We offer a unique Bachelor of Design Arts that allows you to immerse yourself fully in creative exploration. If you are ready for a full-time commitment this is the one for you!

LCI Melbourne understands that sometimes we have other significant life commitments, including our family and work. You may also have an equal desire to explore your creative dreams, build your skills and get a higher education qualification.

We are thrilled to announce that you can connect and engage with LCI Melbourne’s global network and experience our creative programs, by taking one of our Higher Education Diplomas part time in snapshot hours, designed to suit your lifestyle needs.

This can be done in our fully virtual mode, offering bespoke mentoring or a combination of the Virtual and In Person (V+IP) delivery.

Be empowered to transform the future of creative industries! Take your next step forward and apply for June 2021 intake here.

Choose from one of four exciting Diploma offerings:

The Higher Education Diploma program is a combination of Studios, that develop industry ready skills and your own personal creative ethos, establishing your unique position in your chosen industry. These are combined with complementary units that build your understanding of conceptual design thinking, the professional context of your design field, plus the technical and creative skills you need to build a career.

Our first trimester program is broken into three units, with your choice to take units individually or in tandem, one at a time or three at once. We will be offering for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings our engaged and immersive think tank tutorials in either:

  • History and Culture – a journey through design milestones and moments that influence our creative practice
  • Design Fundamentals – engaged and immersive workshops teaching hands on drawing and illustration techniques to enable you to capture your design ideas with your own developed artistic styles with an understanding of design principles.

These classes include one-hour webinars with experts sharing conceptual and creative ideas and giving inspiring demonstrations. These can be viewed at your own pace prior to your weekly think tank tutorials. You choose when and where to view the webinars, to suit your lifestyle and needs.

On Saturdays we run our exciting design studios focussed on your specific Diploma. You can do these virtually or in person, it’s your decision, we are flexible. You can pick and mix between:

  • Studying totally in the virtual studio. Be inspired and learn in the comfort of your own space
  • A mix of virtual + in person. LCIM’s V+IP experience.
  • Come along to our state-of-the-art Collingwood campus. Work in our exquisite heritage building offering modern fully equipped studios.

Each Diploma has been developed as a stand-alone qualification with a unique identity that provides engaging professional insights for students to specialise in their selected industry.

Plus, if you love it and want to keep going in your creative exploration and build your knowledge and skills, the Diplomas have also been established to complement the Bachelor of Design Arts at LCI Melbourne. If you complete the full Diploma, you will get credit for the first three trimesters of the degree with a Major in your selected design field enabling you to build a path to a higher qualification.

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