Catch up with our mentor Barry Spencer on 'OnProcess' Podcast
Catch up with our mentor Barry Spencer on 'OnProcess' Podcast

Barry Spencer on Experimental Typeface Design

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April 17, 2020

Our outrageously creative mentor, Barry Spencer, was recently interviewed about experimental typeface design and typography by OnProcess Podcast. 

Barry shares his insight and advice on creative processes and discusses what steps he takes when approaching projects and creating letterforms. OnProcess leads a discussion with Barry, on how his exploration and experimentation has led to a variety of interesting and unexpected results; like creating letters that don’t look like letters.

"It's ok to play, it's ok to experiment, it's ok to try something out, not knowing what the answer will be.”

Barry has completed an honours dissertation on Latin letterforms and a doctoral thesis, making him a Doctor of Typography and one of Melbourne’s most inspiring Speculative Type Designers. His extensive research and disposition to constantly learn, has allowed Barry to alter the way he understands and creates the shapes of the alphabet.

Barry explores and challenges the boundaries of letterform and poses the question “what if”, cultivating his creative skills and elevating his work.

"I always try to move away from the should and move into the we could do this."

OnProcess invites prolific individuals from creative industries to discuss their personal design ethos and share their advice and inspiration.

Listen to Barry’s episode of OnProcess here. Hear his unique approach to creating letterforms, experimental work and more

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