Artis et Naturae | Student Exhibition
Do You See What I See?

Artis et Naturae | Student Exhibition

April 21, 2021
The 30th of April 2021 will be a night to remember!

Come join the LCI Melbourne community and immerse yourself in new and explorative work by Melbourne's emerging artists at our on-campus gallery in Collingwood. 

Artis et Naturae is brought to you by a group of six LCI Melbourne Design Arts students, completing the final year of their bachelor’s degree. Come along to the exhibition launch event on 30 April 2021 from 6pm onwards.

This exhibition will explore ideas of hope in a post-lockdown world, using 'nature' as a running motif to illustrate and expand on the collectives’ ideas and concepts. Each of the six participating artists explore and create across a multitude of mediums and disciplines.

The creatives behind Artis et Naturae will also be using this exhibition as an opportunity to collect donations to support environmental causes! In an effort to do something good for themselves and good for the planet, 50% of all ticket proceeds will be donated to campaign-based organisation, Sea Shepherd Australia.

Purchase tickets for the event here!

Meet the Artists

Amber Barry is a digital illustration artist who is creating illustrations around the theme of the enchanted garden.

Semra Sumertas is a multidisciplinary artist who explores concepts of nature through the pressing question “is everything the way it seems?”

Kara Angel
is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on the theme of self-discovery within her art.

Lachlan MacDonald is a multidisciplinary queer non-binary artist who explores themes of mental illness and trauma throughout their work.

Diya Maru is a miniature artist who focuses on the themes of culture and history within her work.

Mads Russell is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne. Her work explores themes of representation in media.

The collective will also be collaborating with Lucy loves Charlie Flowers, an independent Melbourne florist striving to bring nature inside, with a focus on ethical and environmentally friendly practices and products. These bespoke designs with wild flair included in the exhibit, bring awareness back to the beauty in the natural elements of the world around us.

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