2019 Creative Folio Awards Night
Creative Folio Awards Ceremony

LCI Melbourne X Year13 creative folio competition awards night

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January 24, 2020

We’ve all been there, those sleepless nights filled with stress and endless procrastination that comes with the upcoming due date of our portfolio submission.

To reward the creatives out there working hard to achieve their dreams of becoming a great artist or designer, a little while ago we partnered up with Year13 to run a competition accepting portfolio submissions from creatives on the platform.We received hundreds of high-quality entries, which made the judging process extra hard for our judging panel.

To recap, here are the prizes we prepared for our 3 winners: 

1st Place 

$12,500 scholarship to LCI Melbourne

10 hours of one on one mentoring with one of the creative mentors at LCI Melbourne

A guided tour of our campus

Feature on LCI Melbourne’s and Year 13's website

2nd Place 

$250 cash to kick start your next creative process

10 hours of one on one mentoring with one of creative mentors at LCI Melbourne

A guided tour of our campus

Feature on LCI Melbourne’s and Year 13's website

3rd Place

10 hours of one on one mentoring with one of creative mentors at LCI Melbourne

A guided tour of our campus

Feature on LCI Melbourne’s and Year 13's website

So without further ado, let us introduce to you the winners of our 2019 Creative Folios Award.

First Place: Olivia Cornwell 

(Studio Arts)

For her Studio Arts folio, Olivia explored the topic of distorted memories. She decided to focus on the memory of alcoholism through her childhood, and how it has impacted her and changed who she is. This is symbolised through the wine bottles present within this 1.8m high installation. Olivia also produced a series of five black and white self-portraits which employed scrunching to represent the sadness and emotional scarring caused to her in her past.

The whole process was a challenge for Olivia as it brought up old memories that she hadn’t thought about for a long time and the wine bottles suspended from the top of the structure and placed around its base symbolize how Olivia feels about these dark memories are constantly hanging over her, surrounding her. There is an A0 matte black and white self-portrait below the hanging bottles with ink dripped onto it, which represents how her memory of the wine bottles has affected her.

Second Place: Charlie O'Brien
(Studio Arts)

The theme behind Charlie’s artwork is ‘out of place’. This idea stems from how certain social situations can affect someone and explores the abnormal conditioning and surreal feeling that comes with being an exchange student.

Charlie produced two surrealist oil paintings: the first one on a 55x55cm MDF board, and the second on a 20x55cm board. Both share similar aesthetics; they have the same subject matter (one of his mates dressed in an all-white worker’s suit) and the same dark surroundings. The subject is holding a large metal sphere which reflects him and his surroundings.

In order to paint the face and sphere in as much detail and clarity as possible, both paintings were done over the course of four months, consisting of multiple layers.

Before painting, Charlie sketched a number of ideas and concepts he wanted to explore, then captured his reference material on a beach with his subject matter. Using Photoshop, he rendered several different concepts before undergoing the painting process.

Being out of place can at times feel unnatural and surreal, which is why Charlie chose to render his artwork in the same style.

Charlie gained a grasp on how it feels to be out of place as he grew up, went through high school, and undertook a foreign exchange program. From those personal experiences, he remembers feeling the intense need to fit in and hide who he truly was - no matter the harsh negative effects it was having on him. He wanted to emphasise the importance of being yourself and the liberating ripple effect it can have on your life.

Third Place: Ellie Gerhardy 

(Visual Art – Design)

Ellie’s folio piece was a collection of clothing made entirely of recycled CDs which she cured, cut, drilled and laser cut to create rainbow, light-reflecting garments; including a shift dress and 4m wide cape. She was inspired by her favourite designer, Paco Rabanne, who creates gorgeous chain mail and iridescent garments.

The dress is a small 60’s slip-dress shape, and is composed of hundreds of silver circles, laser cut from the shiny and reflective backs of CDs. Along with this collection is an enormous cape which drapes onto the ground, a chain mail hat, and a handbag. The cape is made of over 700 pieces of CDs in the shape of fish scales, and approximately 1300 jump rings.

Overall, the collection took hundreds of hours. To give you a better idea, the cape alone took Ellie over 70 hours to put together. This was because she wanted to create an intricate design that was both modern and never-before seen.

At the start, Ellie’s creation was a way of voicing her concern of fast fashion and the environmental issues that will face us in the future; which is why she used an upcycled material. However, it transformed over eight months of work into a platform for her to voice her feelings about modern day society and how she feels as a young woman growing up in the 21st century.

By the end, Ellie knew this collection was made to make women feel empowered and strong. She hopes her art translates this feeling successfully.

Interested in participating in our next creative folios competition? Follow us on social media to keep updated for our next competition open date!

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