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Spotlight on our instructor

Interior Design Coordinator
Emma Coulter
Program: Interior Design

Having worked across the fields of interior architecture and visual art for the last two decades, Emma is LCI Melbourne’s Interior Design Discipline Coordinator.

She holds a Masters Degree in Contemporary Art from the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, as well as undergraduate degrees, Bachelor or Built Environment in interior design, and Bachelor of Visual Art, both from the Queensland University of Technology.

Throughout her professional career as a designer she has worked for some of Australia’s best known design firms, including GeyerBVN ArchitectureWoods Bagotpeckvonhartel and the COX group, across a variety of project types, whilst having developed specialised expertise in design leadership and workplace design.

Whilst managing these challenging design leadership roles, Emma has also established her own independent artistic practice, which situates itself between the mediums of painting, installation and sculpture.

In her professional artistic career, she has exhibited both locally and internationally, in a variety of spaces from artist run, commercial, institutional and museum, as well as being the recipient of significant awards, such as the Linden Art Prize, Woollahra Small Sculpture, people’s choice award, the Fiona Myer Award, a Jim Marks Postgraduate Scholarship and an Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant.

She believes that research and idea generation are essential in creating meaningful creative outcomes.

You can see more of Emma’s work online on her website here . She is represented by Melbourne Gallery THIS IS NO FANTASY.

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