Maxwell Amner
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Filmmaking & Photography
Maxwell Amner
Program: Communication Design

Maxwell has worked for many years in the advertising and design industries. As a designer he has been involved in the creation of a wide range of media productions. Max’s focus is to utilise all forms of design techniques and technologies to create solutions that suite the modern design industry.

One of the main issues facing the modern economy is the shift from a service based, to a communications based economy. Max has recently completed a study of the behavioural trends within consumer groups in his publication, Behavioural Ecology and Advertising Practice: An Evolutionary Approach to Consumer Engagement within Complex Networks. This study develops an argument involving how companies could build upon their brand equity by developing a mutually beneficial relationship with their consumers.

Alongside his work on evolutionary consumer engagement modelling, Max continues his web development and design work. His aim is to consolidate modern and traditional methods of design to enhance the aesthetic and user experience of network communications interfaces. The principle of Max’s teaching focus is to prepare the next generation of designers for a fast paced industry that is constantly innovating. To be adaptive to modern design practices will become the fundamental survival strategy of a successful design practitioner. There has never been a time more suitable for the creative individual, as the world becomes ever more focused on the design of communication.

Communication Design