LCI Masterclass: Virginia Dowzer and Katie Marx
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LCI Masterclass

LCI Masterclass
Creative Direction and Styling with Virginia Dowzer and Katie Marx
Series 1: Virginia Dowzer and Katie Marx teach creative direction

In this Masterclass learn the skills and knowledge to perfect the art of styling. Join acclaimed creative director Virginia Dowzer and celebrated artist and florist Katie Marx to gain creative insights as they transform the design brief into the extraordinary. Learn all aspects of working with teams, budgets, concepts, materials and the importance of developing a personal style to build your brand.

About the Designers:

Virginia Dowzer is a beloved LCI Melbourne academic, acclaimed fashion stylist, curator and creative director – what can’t she do! Virginia loves to push the boundaries, to create engaging and magnificent works. Tune in to hear about her creative process and storytelling through visual communication.

Katie Marx is a floral artist and entrepreneur, specialising in inspiring flower workshops and the creation of extraordinary arrangements. Katie is co-owner of the Butterland function space in Country Victoria and organiser at Flowering Now. Watch the full Masterclass to hear Katie talk about curiosity, creating, and finding creative direction.

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