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Bachelor of Design Arts


Are LCI Melbourne's courses recognised by the Government?

Yes. LCI Melbourne is an approved Higher Education Provider and is on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Our courses are nationally accredited by the Commonwealth Government's Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).


How will an LCI Melbourne course help me get a job?

Increasingly employers expect job applicants, even for entry-level positions, to have an undergraduate degree. LCI Melbourne's courses have been specifically designed to increase graduates' employability by incorporating input from industry and employers through LCI Melbourne's Industry Advisory Panels, and by including on-the-job work placement units to build students' practical experience and networks prior to graduation. Furthermore, the programs are taught by people currently working in the industry, who can offer the best guidance about getting established.


What is the advantage of doing a degree course instead of a diploma?

There is research evidence to show that degree graduates get job offers sooner and often at higher pay rates. The main difference in course content is the emphasis on conceptual and organizational skills in the degree.

Unlike diploma graduates, students who complete the BDA are immediately eligible for Associate Membership of the Design Institute of Australia.


How is the BDA different from other Bachelor degrees?

The Bachelor of Design Arts' complementary, integrated study streams ensure students gain a comprehensive, fully rounded understanding of art and design. The cross-discipline studies reflect real professional life in the creative industries. The Bachelor of Design Arts can be completed in just two years (fast-tracked), meaning more face-to-face learning and more value for your tuition dollar.


Do you offer work experience as part of the course?

The Professional Placement Program (work experience) is an integral part of the Bachelor of Design Arts, enabling students to complement their studies with on-the-job experience. Students undertake a unit of PPP in second year.


How large are the classes?

LCI Melbourne was established largely to provide an alternative to university education where large classes are common. Class sizes at LCI Melbourne are usually smaller.


What will my timetable be like?

A standard full-time study load is 5 units/classes per week. Contact hours vary depending on your subjects, but generally a full-time study load involves around 16-18 contact hours per week. Where possible, the timetable is organised so that class groups are required on campus only 3 to 4 days per week, leaving at least one weekday free for at-home study and other commitments.


Is attendance monitored?

LCI Melbourne only monitors the attendance of international students to comply with visa requirements. We believe attendance of 80% is optimal. Students whose attendance is affected by circumstances beyond their control may apply for Special Consideration.


I’m not sure if I’m ready for higher education. What if I need extra help?

Because of its size and specialisation, LCI Melbourne is well adapted to supporting students, academically and in many other ways. As a result, LCI Melbourne has a consistently high progression rate - around 90% - which is higher than most universities. For further information see our Academic Support and Personal Support pages.


What if I change my mind about my preferred major study?

The Bachelor of Design Arts is flexible enough to allow students to change their major study at the end of Trimester 1 without any time penalty. After that, you can still change your mind, although this may require additional study time.


What if I want to extend my studies?

The Bachelor of Design Arts offers the option of undertaking a Double Major. This allows you to undertake two complete major study programs, developing your versatility and skills set. If you decide on this option early in your enrolment, the Double Major can be completed within a single extra year.

Some of our graduates wish to continue their studies at post-graduate level. As the Bachelor of Design Arts is accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework, all other Australian higher education providers and universities will recognise the attainment of the degree in determining eligibility for higher degrees.

Former LCI Melbourne students have gone on to undertake post-graduate studies in areas including Arts Management, Teaching/Education, Multimedia Interactive Design, Animation, Curatorship, and Commerce.


What do I get when I finish my course?

A nationally accredited and recognised qualification from an international-standard institution. Plus membership of LCI Melbourne’s Alumni, a growing network that includes members of some of the country’s top creative studios, Oscar-winning graphic designers, buyers for fashion houses, artists represented by major galleries, arts administrators, as well as freelance professionals.


What if I don’t finish my course?

Even with LCI Melbourne's support systems, students sometimes require time off during their studies due to personal difficulties or other reasons. At any time after commencement you may apply for Leave of Absence, for a period of 6-12 months, and be guaranteed a place in your course when you return. Leave of Absence extensions may also be granted, depending on your circumstances. International students should be aware that Leave of Absence may affect your student visa and can only be granted in compassionate and compelling circumstances.  Information about these circumstances, and the evidence required to prove them, is available at Part D, section 13.2 of the National Code.

If you decide to leave the course after successfully completing two years' full-time study (pro-rated for a 2 year fast-track degree), you can apply to receive an Associate Degree of Design Arts.

Even if you leave without completing any official qualification, you are still entitled to an official Statement of Results, recording the results for any units you undertook during your enrollment.


If I am enrolled in an undergraduate program at another institution, can I undertake units at LCI Melbourne as part of my degree?

If permitted by your home institution's policies, and if you meet LCI Melbourne's enrolment criteria, you may be allowed to undertake one or more units at LCI Melbourne towards your degree. First consult your home institution; if they allow you to go ahead, contact the Admissions Team on applications@lcimelbourne.edu.au


How can I find out more about LCI Melbourne’s courses?

Specific enquiries can be directed to the admissions office at applications@lcimelbourne.edu.au

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